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Registration and Campus Resources

Co-Requisite Courses
Co-requisite courses are classes that are designed to be taken together. Typically, these are paired in Navigate and you are prompted to add the connected course. 

If you placed into college-level Math or English, you do not have to take the college-prep co-requisites. Simply choose a different stand-alone Math or English course.

Below is a list of co-requisite courses for English and Math:

  • ENG 0094 with ENG 1021
  • ENG 0077 with ENG 1031
  • MAT 0200 with MAT 0300
  • MAT 0120 with MAT 1120
  • MAT 0140 with MAT 1140
  • MAT 0161 with MAT 1160
  • MAT 0240 with MAT 1240
  • MAT 0260 with MAT 1260

Other courses may be paired as service learning communities courses, such as ENG 1021 and HIS or PSY 1001 and ENG 1021. If you do not want to take these paired courses in the same semester, simply choose different stand-alone sections.

Special Registration Instructions
How to Register for EMT Certificate Courses

Resolving Registration Issues
If you get a prerequisite/test error, make an appointment in Navigate with one of your assigned academic advisors or contact Advising@pikespeak.edu.