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Campus Resources & Advising FAQs

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Campus Resources

Check out the following Student Video Resources for additional support on registration, degree planning, changing your major, and so much more!

Student Video Resources

Contains general helpful tips for new, continuing, and returning students.

Helpful College Tips

Learn more about Campus Resources available to support your success as a student below. 

Student Services Contact List

It is important for students to be aware of registration, drop, and withdraw dates each semester. Find out more information about these below. 

Academic Calendar

PPSC has a variety of Degrees and Certificates available to meet your educational and career goals. Check out more information at the catalog below.

Degrees and Certificates

Check out our Glossary of Common Terms to help you familiarize yourself with important words and phrases to know throughout your college experience.

Common College Terms


Appointments are for our brand-new students.  We’ll spend some time getting to know you and talking about what it will look like to be a PPSC student.  We’ll look at your dashboard, review your planner in Navigate, explain how to use Degree Check and show you how to register for classesOther services offered include:

  • Assistance with successfully transitioning into college - including first semester course recommendations..

  • Guidance on deciding the best path to complete your goals.

  • Explanation of prerequisites and discuss your academic history.

  • Creation of multi-semester degree and certificate plans using Navigate Planner.

  • Instruction on how to register for classes in Navigate.

  • Explanation of how to track your progress with our degree audit software (Degree Check).

  • Discussion about transfer opportunities.

  • Connection to PPSC's student services and support services.

Learn More About Appointments

Appointments are for our students who are currently taking PPSC classes, and offer the following:

  • Creation of semester degree plans using Degree Check.

  • Verification of prerequisites or process for overrides.

  • Guidance on Changing your Major.

  • Connections with Faculty or Pathway Advisor tailored to your academic pursuits.

  • Information on transfer opportunities to other colleges and universities.

  • Documentation process for probation/suspension, Financial Aid, Academic Suspension Appeals.

  • Academic success strategies and referrals to other support services.

Note: Continuing students can register for classes using Navigate or through your myPikesPeak portal.

Learn More About Appointments

Appointments are for students nearing completion of their two-year degree at PPSC and want to transfer courses to another college or university. These appointments are for students who are nearing completion of their two-year degree at PPSC and want to check to be sure they are on track to transfer to a four-year institutions. They offer the following:

  • Planning related to continuing your studies at a four-year institution.

  • BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you have credits from another college or university, submit your official transcripts and use Degree Check to see how your credits apply to your degree at PPSC.

Learn More About Appointments

Appointments are for students who have not taken classes at PPSC in over a year - and are returning to continue their studies. 

  • Assistance and planning related to finishing your degree or certificate at PPSC.

  • Guidance and strategies for returning to school.

  • BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: Run a degree audit in Degree Check to see how many credits you have toward your current degree.

Learn More About Appointments

Thinking about changing your major?

  • Run a "What-If?" audit to see what coursework will be required for the new program, what courses already satisfy the requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take.

Appointments are for those who have been away at college and are in Colorado Springs for the summer.

Visiting Summer Students are not required to meet with an Advisor prior to registering - Advisors are still here to support your academic and career goals.

  • You can take classes at PPSC to make the most of your summer.

  • Discuss courses that will transfer back to your home college or university after the summer semester ends.

Learn More About Taking Summer Classes

  • Registration Help – These appointments are for students who are not quite comfortable registering for classes on their own and want a little extra help to be sure they are completing all the steps properly. We will provide guidance in navigating the registration process from choosing the correct courses to successfully registering for classes. 

  • Degree Planning – These appointments are for those students who know their end goal but want some help in planning the best pathway to get to that end goal.  During this appointment, we’ll help students create a multiple-semester plan prior to registration that lays out a pathway to graduation in a timely and efficient manner. 

Learn More About Appointments

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Advising appointments are scheduled through Navigate. Watch this video to learn how to schedule an advising appointment. 

You can find your assigned advisors listed on your Navigate account under Resources > People. Advisor assignments listed by team are also found on the Advising Teams Webpage 

It’s recommended that students meet with their academic advisor regularly - especially when selecting and registering for classes. Your advisor can help make sure you graduate on time with the credits you need for your degree.

Has it been a couple semesters since you applied to or were enrolled at PPSC? If so, you will need to reapply to reactivate your account. Go to www.pikespeak.edu and then click on Apply in the top right-hand corner.  Once you have reapplied, your advising team will be updated and then you can make an appointment.  

We may need to update your advising team before you can see advising appointment options. Contact us at advising@pikespeak.edu  or at 719-502-3232 for assistance. 

Quick questions can be answered by emailing the general advising inbox at advising@pikespeak.edu or you can email your advising team directly.   

Business, Technology and Public Service (BTPS) Advising
   Business, community service, education, hospitality and more.

   Computer aided drafting, interior design, graphic design and more.

   Sociology, history, english psychology, world languages and more.

   Biology, chemistry, math, physics, and more.

   Nursing and other health-related programs.


 If you know what classes to take, watch this video to learn how to register for classes. Learn what to expect in the registration process on the registration process page  

If you don’t know what classes to take, make a degree planning appointment with your advisor. 

You are not required to meet with an advisor before registering for classes. However, meeting with an advisor can help to ensure that you achieve your educational and professional goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Setting up an appointment with an academic advisor to create a degree plan can keep you on track and let you know what classes you need to complete and achieve your goal, whether it’s to earn a certificate, associate degree, or to transfer to a four-year college/university.

Prerequisites are classes or requirements that must be completed before taking a course.  Prerequisites are noted in the course catalog.  If you get a prerequisite message when attempting to register for a course, schedule a meeting with your advisor to see how this can be resolved. 

Holds are put on student accounts for several reasons – you may need to complete new student orientation, pay a library fine, or speak with the cashier’s office.  Academic standing often relates to a probation or suspension issue.  Holds will often be noted on your home page in Navigate.  Once you complete the task noted, the hold may resolve, and you’ll be able to register.  

More frequently, you may need to speak with an advisor to resolve the hold or have your academic standing updated.  If you check your hold notifications in Navigate and are unable to resolve the hold, schedule an appointment with your advisor and we’ll help you resolve the issue. 

Absolutely!  We’d love to have you join us as a Visiting Summer Student.  Be sure to check with an academic advisor at your home campus to confirm the course you take will apply to your degree. 

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You can see a comprehensive list of all PPSC degrees and certificates on the programs page in the Pikes Peak State College Online Catalog

Pikes Peak State College offers major and career counseling through our Career Services Department.

The courses you take are determined based on your selected major.  For the best advice consult multiple sources, including your academic advising team, your faculty advisor, Navigate planner and Degree Check.   

Your Navigate planner lists the classes you need to take for your declared program in the order that you should take them. 

Degree Check is a web-based advising tool that will produce an easy-to-read and user-friendly audit to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion.  Degree Check looks at the degree requirements of the PPSC catalog and the coursework completed to give students and advisors better information in selecting coursework and understanding degree requirements.

Yes. You can change your major at any time, however, it may impact your graduation date and your financial aid. To change your major fill out the Change of Major Form. Consider meeting with an academic advisor for a degree planning meeting for your new degree.

Yes, students can declare multiple majors/programs of study. To declare more than one major, complete and submit the Request for Multiple Majors Form. Consider meeting with an academic advisor for a degree planning meeting for your new degree.


Pikes Peak State College has different tutoring options to support learning. Visit our Learning Commons for more information.

Students with both temporary and long-term disabilities should contact Accessibility Services to schedule an appointment with a disability specialist to determine accommodations.

Visit the Planning for a Bachelor’s Webpage for transfer information.

FERPA – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act - is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of student records.

If a parent or guardian inquires on behalf of a Pikes Peak State College student, the parent or guardian can expect to receive only general college policies and procedures information from campus offices. Only a student has full access to his/her records. If a student wants their parent or guardian to access student record information, they will need to fill out a FERPA release form.

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