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Student Success & Tutoring

PPSC students who choose to participate in tutoring services not only receive better grades on average, but they also learn skills and strategies individualized to their learning preferences that have helped them to become better students overall.





Tutoring Center

Tutoring Center New Location

The tutoring center that was located at Centennials Learning Commons area has now moved to their new space in A300.

To set up tutoring appointments Click below. 

Tutoring Services

Drop-In Tutoring
Tutoring appointments can be made for the Centennial, Rampart Range, and Downtown campuses through Navigate or by calling the Learning Commons at each campus. Drop-in sessions are also available, but we cannot guarantee that someone will be available when you come in. Please see the schedules for each campus for specific times when tutoring is available for individual subjects.

To access live online tutoring support, first make an appointment with one of our tutors in Navigate. Prior to your session, the tutor you will be working with will send an email to your student email account with a link to access the session. If you’re more than ten minutes late accessing your session, the tutor may terminate the session if a walk-in request comes in.

Online Writing Lab
Students wanting to submit essays for review via our Online Writing Lab can do so at any time through our OWL submission page.

Please see the Schedules page for information regarding when tutoring is available for specific subjects

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Our Mission

At the PPSC Learning Commons, our mission is to empower student success through collaborative learning, individualized advancement, leadership development, and meaningful dialogues.

Contact Us

Centennial Campus Tutoring Center
Room A300
Call: (719) 502-3444
Fax: (719) 502-3445

Rampart Range Campus Tutoring Center
Room N200
Call: (719) 502-3190
Fax: (719) 502-3445


Voices of PPSC

Alana Lipscomb

Voices of PPSC

It took me four years to finally graduate from PPSC because I was a single mom working a job. I hardly had time to study but utilized the resources I had to help me with homework like TRIO and DSSS. I took advantage of tutoring sessions and I practically lived in the Math center! I received help from the Child Development Center. So, I was able to study, attend club meetings, maybe workout at the school gym and have time to grab my kids and eat dinner with them.

Alana Lipscomb
PPSC Graduate