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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question about Registration?

Whether you are preparing to register or stuck in the process - these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can help.

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Adding and Dropping Courses

Students can self-register for classes up until the day before the class starts. We encourage students to view the Academic Calender for dates related to starts of term.

After the class has started it is at the instructor’s discretion if they will allow a late add. A registration form needs to be completed and the instructor will approve or deny the request. Please contact enrollment services and they will send you the link and walk you through it to make sure it is filled out correctly.  719-502-2000 opt. 1.

A drop means that you are canceling your enrollment in the class before the determined course drop date. You do NOT incur cost for this class, and it does not show on your transcript. For a withdrawal you are still financially responsible for the class, and it does show on your transcript as a W.  You can view the drop and withdrawal dates for your specific classes on your student portal under the student tab, then click detailed student schedule with drop and withdrawal dates.

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Pre-Requisites, Co-Requisites, & Paired Classes

A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully completed prior to registering for the next class. 

Corequisites are classes that are designed to be taken together. Typically, they are paired in Navigate and you are prompted to add the connected course. You will be able to tell it is a co-requisite class because it will show Requisite in Navigate.​ 

To resolve this error, students should submit transcripts and/or test scores to Academic Advising & Testing prior to attempting to register so an academic advisor can determine if required prerequisites/corequisites have been previously met. Failure to do so may result in students receiving requisite errors upon registration.

We also recommend that you submit your official transcripts from other colleges or universities to Student Records prior to registering. This will determine transfer credit eligibility as soon as possible.

When viewing a class section option in Navigate Planner, there will be a "Requisite" bubble that alerts you that this class is paired with another. If you need to take only the ONE class will need to find a section that does NOT have this "Requisite" bubble.

Class Schedule, Location, & Details

There are a couple ways this can happen. You can view your schedule from your student Navigate and it will show you the instructor. You can find contact information for any staff member in the PPSC directory.

For CCCS classes visit their Help Page


When you register for the class through Navigate, it shows the location in which your class will be. Please look at the maps on this page see any location codes. This includes our main campuses as well as satellite locations.

This will be a handy page to bookmark to look up location codes. 


PPSC uses the below codes for the days of the week. Ex. If you have a class that says TR, that would be both Tuesday and Thursday

Day of the Week Codes:
M - Monday
T - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
R - Thursday 
F - Friday
S - Saturday
U - Sunday
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Registration & Financial Aid

Yes, you’re permitted to register for classes even if you do not have your financial aid processed.
It takes 3-5 business days for us to receive your FAFSA. Within one week of receipt, you will receive an email from the financial office if they need additional information. It can take 2-3 weeks from the time that you submit all documents needed to process your financial aid.
We recommend that you print a detailed schedule with drop/withdrawal dates. If your financial aid has not been processed by the drop date, you can make the decision to stay in your classes and wait to see if you receive financial aid.
However, staying in the class means that you will have a non-refundable bill and you may not be guaranteed that financial aid will cover your full bill.
Your detailed schedule with drop and withdrawal dates is on your student portal, click on the student tab, then detailed student schedule with drop and withdrawal dates.

Financial aid is determined based off how many credit hours you are taking. A minimum of 12 credit hours are considered full-time even in the summer semester. If you take anything less than 12 credit hours your award for financial aid is prorated based off how many credits you are enrolled in. If you drop a class, it can have an impact on how much you are awarded. It is always recommended you speak with financial aid prior to dropping a class to see the impact it may have.

Since you are still financially responsible for the class, financial aid will still count a withdrawal towards your credit hours taken. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a withdrawal will affect your completion rate. Anytime you withdraw from a class it counts as an attempt. You need to be at a 67% completion rate to maintain financial aid.

Too many withdrawals can have a negative impact on your financial aid and may cause you to have to pay some of your financial aid back. It is always recommended you speak with financial aid prior to withdrawing from a class to see the impact it may have. If you receive benefits from the military, we recommend contacting the MVP office to see how a withdrawal will impact you.


Account Holds & Suspension

Online, Hybrid, & HyFlex Classe

Account Holds & Suspension

 Please reach out to enrollment services for any holds that you may see. 719-502-2000

An academic suspension hold requires academic advisor approval. There are certain terms that must be met in order to register for classes and an academic advisor will help to make sure those are met.
Please contact 719-502-3232 or schedule an appointment through Navigate to speak with your academic advisor.

Navigate will indicate what type of hold you have on your account.
Some can be resolved by completing the listed task. Ex. Mandatory orientation.
If you are not sure what the hold is or need further help, please call Enrollment Services at 719-502-2000 opt. 1. They can investigate the hold and give you next steps on getting it removed.

Online, Hybrid, & HyFlex Classe

You will not have access to your courses in D2L until the day the class starts. If you registered late – or after the first date of classes - it can take up to 24 hours for the class to show up in D2L. ​

Double check which kind of course it is. PPSC online classes will show under the PPSC online link and CCC online classes will show on the CCC online link within your PPSC Portal.

Hyflex courses allow the student to make the choice if they will take the class online or in person. Since in-person is an option for the class it will contain a room number.
You do not need to show up, but you do need to log in during the schedule date and time for that class.

Other Registration Questions

To best determine how to get your books, visit the bookstore website. You can have them shipped to you or pick them up at our Bookstores.

If you do not attend your first class or log in to complete your first assignment for online classes during the first week, you will be dropped as a no-show. You must then contact the instructor and see if you can get added back in. It is highly important that you attend the first week of classes. 
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