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Prerequisites & Corequisites

What are Prerequisites and Corequisites? 

A prerequisite is a class that must be successfully completed prior to registering for the next class. For example, you must take BIO 1111 (General College Biology) before taking BIO 2101 (Anatomy and Physiology I) in order to build the knowledge and skills to be successful.

Corequisites are classes that are designed to be taken together. They must be registered for at the same time. Typically, these are designed to offer you support for 1000-level (first-semester) math and English courses, or they are paired classes specific to a program of study.

Learn more about how to resolve the prerequisite registration error below.

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Why are you getting a prerequisite error?

You are getting a prerequisite error message because your student record does not show that you have met the requirements for the course you are attempting to register for. If you have recently submitted your academic history, keep in mind it may take a few days for your student record to update.

Some classes, like math and English, require College Readiness. This means that before you take the class, you need to demonstrate or gain the right skills and knowledge to be successful. Prerequisite errors occur because your student record does not show that you meet the College Readiness requirements. 

Resolving Your Prerequisite Error

There are a few ways that you can satisfy the prerequisite and corequisite requirements:

If you are attempting to register for a first-semester Math or English class, and you do not have prior academic history or test scores that demonstrate college readiness, a required corequisite is the most common reason for your error. The corequisite is a support class that you must take at the same time as your first-semester Math or English class.

See "Submit your Academic History and/or Test Scores" below for how to demonstrate your college readiness, which would allow you to skip the corequisite support class.

If you plan on taking the support class, first select the support class in Navigate (the course number starts with a 0, like ENG 0094 or MAT 0120). Then select the paired first-semester class (the course number starts with a 1, like ENG 1021 or MAT 1120).

Class Required Corequisite 
ENG 1021 ENG 0094 
ENG 1031 ENG 0007 
MAT 1120 MAT 0120
MAT 1140 MAT 0140
MAT 1160 MAT 0161
MAT 1240 MAT 0240
MAT 1260 MAT 0260


If you do not intend on taking the support class, see below to determine if your academic history can demonstrate your college readiness.

If you are receiving a prerequisite error and you are not attempting to register for a first-semester math or English course, you likely haven’t met the required prerequisite requirement. To resolve this issue, look in the online course catalog to find the required prerequisite class, and register for that one first.

To find the required prerequisite:

  1. Open the online course catalog.
  2. Search for the course you are attempting to register for.
  3. The course description will tell you if there are prerequisite requirements.

Your academic history may allow you to override the required prerequisite. See below for more information.

Your academic history may allow you to place into the course you are attempting to register for. Academic history may include transfer credits, placement testing, prior test scores (SAT/ACT), and high school transcripts, etc.

If you have completed any college credits at another institution, be sure to transfer in your credits to PPSC.

Learn more abouT Transferring your credits

If you have recent high school transcripts or if you have completed any testing (placement testing, SAT/ACT), submit your transcript or test scores.

Report Your Academic History 

Placement testing may also be a way to demonstrate college readiness.

Learn more about placement testing options

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