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Prerequisites, Corequisites, & Linked Courses

Some classes are linked or paired with other classes. In Navigate, they will be indicated with a "Requisite" tag in the course box (see image below)

These could be college-level courses paired with college-prep courses, courses with linked clinicals, or Learning Communities. If you attempt to register for just one of these, you will get a Requisite Error.

Temp Requisite ImageOnce you choose the section of the course you want, a yellow alert will show in the bottom of the box. In order to complete the registration, you will need to click on "View Corequisites."




A prerequisite is a course requirement that must be met before you can register for a particular course. 
Prerequisite Example:
To take BIO2101 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I with lab). You must meet the following requirements:
  • BIO111 (grade of C or higher), -or-
  • Biology Placement Test with a score of 70 or higher, or permission of Department Chair or Advisor.  

The best place to look is our Online Course Catalog.

A linked course is one that is specifically paired with another course.
These could be preparatory courses linked with their college-level course, courses linked to clinical, or learning communities.
You must take all the courses that are linked together. 
There is no way to take them individually.


Co-requisites are courses that must be taken at the same time or in the same semester as another course.  
Co-Requisite Example:
ENG0094 Studio 121
To register for ENG 0094, students must enroll in ENG 1021 at the same time and complete them during the same semester.


  • Placement Testing scores
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • CLEP/ DSST Scores
  • AP Score
  • Military or Veteran affiliation
  • High School transcripts
  • Prior College (From a regionally accredited university or college completed with a grade of “C” or higher)

When in doubt you can always schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor or connect with the Testing Center.