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After Registering - Next Steps

Things to do after registration

Registered for classes? Great! 

But don't forget to complete the important steps below.

Student Leaving Bookstore

After registering: Next steps to success

  • Sign onto your myPikesPeak Portal, using your S# (Student ID #) and password you used to access Navigate. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the Portal Dashboard, Student and the Student Finance tabs at the top.
  • Go to the Student Tab and print off your detailed student schedule - with drop and withdrawal dates.
  • Important! Make sure to log in and set up your student email. You will log in to your student email account using your full student email address. You can find your student email address on the myPikesPeak Portal dashboard. All important communication will be sent to your student email. Check it daily.
  • Want to forward your email to your phone? Have problems with your email account? Call ITSS at 719-502-4800.

  • Financial aid
    • Check in myPikesPeak Portal under the “Student Finance”  <--- on your dashboard, click on the financial aid requirements tab
    • If there are any missing requirements in the Unsatisfied Requirements, please click the corresponding link and turn in all documents to financialaid@pikespeak.edu or drop them off to Enrollment Services.
      • Centennial Campus-A110
      • Rampart Range- S102
    • 719-502-3000 or financialaid@pikespeak.edu
  • Military Benefits
  • Other Payment Options
  • Review payment deadline for all forms of payment.
  • Authorize your COF - If you are a Colorado Resident. Don’t forget to authorize your COF from your student portal. This will apply the Colorado State Stipend to take off your bill.

Academic Calendar & Events Calendar

  • Review the start, drop, withdraw, and end dates for your classes by checking your “Detailed Student Schedule” in your student portal.
  • Also review where your courses are scheduled.

College Catalog - We know it can be tedious, but it contains valid information that will be important to you during your PPSC journey. Almost all policy, procedure, and degree information can be found here.

Financial Aid Handbook - Review the financial aid handbook to see how you can help maintain your financial aid eligibility, review rules, and regulations, and refund timelines.

We recommend doing a campus visit to familiarize yourself with the campus you will be attending.

Visit here to schedule a campus visit

Can't Schedule a Visit?

If you can’t do a campus visit, review our locations and maps so you can find where your classes will be. It also contains the building codes if you need help knowing where your class is. 
Parking Info
  • Centennial and Rampart Range Campuses have free parking open access parking and do not require hang tags.
  • Downtown Studio Campus & Studio West has free parking available: 
    • But you must get a Parking Hang Tag for Downtown Studio Campus & Studio West
    • Maps and directions from Student Life.
    • Faculty only overflow parking behind Studio West.
  • We encourage Students to carpool where they can to help the environment and alleviate overfull parking lots.

    • Search online through the PPSC Bookstore website.
    • Or bring your schedule with you to the Bookstore on any campus.

  • Bring your schedule to any Student Life Location.
  • Student I.D. Cards are required for access to the Computer Labs and to check out materials from the Library.