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Taking an online course?

The Mission of the eLearning Department is to provide instructional resources and support services that enhance equitable teaching and learning strategies.

eLearning Vision Statement
- We provide high-quality, adaptive instructional support to assist faculty and staff to create innovative and equitable educational experiences for our students.


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Courses

Online, Hybrid, or Hyflex courses may be a great fit if you can work independently with good time management skills. Pikes Peak State College provides many options to fit your busy schedule so that you can pursue your educational goals.
  • Online courses are done completely through PPSC D2L Online.
  • Hybrid courses are one-day-a-week in class with the rest online.
  • HyFlex allows the choice to be in-class or participate from home at the scheduled class time.
To learn more  Class Modality Information

To contact the divisions directly:

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS)
(719) 502-3200

Business, Technology, and Public Service (BTPS)
(719) 502-3300

Health Sciences (HS)
(719) 502-3700

Science, Engineering, and Math (SEM)
(719) 502-3600

Technical and Professional Studies (TPS)
(719) 502-3400

Current students can enroll in a free practice course to learn their way around the learning management system Desire2Learn Brightspace called D2L Basics for Students Practice Course. To self enroll, just click the link below.
Student in computer lab


Are online classes easier?
No. In fact, you may encounter more reading and writing than you would in a traditional classroom.

Your course will be in the PPSC D2L Online. Here you will access course materials, assignments, discussions and quizzes.

Instructors establish due dates for assignments, discussions and exams just like a traditional class. As long as you are meeting your instructor's due dates, you can work at your own pace and be online when it works best for you.

Do online classes require prerequisites or on-campus testing?
Online classes, just like those on campus, sometimes require prerequisites.  Some PPSC Online courses require on-campus testing (or proctored testing at another location), but most online courses require no on-campus time. Generally the only classes requiring on-campus testing will be math and some science courses.

The eLearning department does not sign registration forms for prerequisites or late entry into courses. This requires an instructor or division signature.

  • Special tuition rates apply to online courses.
  • For questions regarding tuition, please contact Financial Services (719) 502-2300 or the Cashier (719) 502-2444.

Students register for online courses the same way as for any other PPSC course.

  • Meet with an Advisor
  • Register through the student portal then select Look Up Classes/Class Search
  • Come to Enrollment Services at Centennial Campus or Rampart Range Campus.

Usually, no. But some courses may require have specific requirements. For instance, a foreign language class might require a web cam, headset or a microphone so the instructor can hear you speak to assess your learning of course materials. Photoshop classes require that they have access to the Photoshop software. The PPSC computer labs generally have these required software packages (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Online classes operate the same, in many ways, as traditional on-campus classes. They start at the beginning of the semester and they are paced the same as traditional classes to end at the end of the semester.

You will not have access to your courses until the first day of class.

Students may be dropped from courses by the instructor as a no-show.

  • If you are dropped, the instructor must grant written permission for you to be re-enrolled.
  • Student must then fill out a paper registration form available at Centennial Campus or Rampart Range Campus Enrollment Services to be re-enrolled.

Absolutely! In fact, PPSC Online students can access the same support services that all students can. Tutoring is available on campus face-to-face or remotely. They can also meet with their instructors for personal help. 

Some students with disabilities may require adaptive software/hardware. These adaptive tools are the responsibility of the student since they will be used at home, but there are resources and information available to assist students in identifying and/or acquiring tools.


Students need access to an up-to-date computer and reliable internet connection to take an online course.

  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure they can log on and complete assignments the same way the on-campus student attends class and meets deadlines.
  • Basic computer skills are a must to succeed in any class. Students should be able to send an email, attach a file to an email, be able to use the web for research and use software such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer.

Computers are available for students to use at:

  • PPSC Computer Lab at the Centennial, Rampart Range and Downtown Studio campuses.
  • PPSC Learning Commons at the Centennial and Rampart campuses have computers and Tutoring services available.

Before class begins, please run the Browser Check Tool to make sure that your computer is compatible with the Online Campus (D2L).  We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Colorado Community College System 24/7 Tech Support has:

  • 24 hours a day tech support including weekends and holidays to provide assistance with D2L, student email accounts, accessing the myPPSC portal and more.

  • PPSC Online will have an N* (BUS 115-1N1). PPSC Online courses are taught by PPSC faculty.
  • CCCOnline will have a C* (HIS 101-C11). CCCOnline courses are taught by Colorado Community College System faculty from around the state.

Every PPSC student is assigned an email address when they become a student at PPSC. It is important to check your student email often to make sure you are staying up to date on information from your instructors, updates from the Financial Aid Office, official school announcements, etc.

To access your student email log into your PPSC Student Portal and choose ‘Student Email’ from the Dashboard.

Online courses at PPSC are taught by local faculty, which means they provide the opportunity to meet with your instructors, face to face. CCC Online is run by our state system office and are taught by faculty throughout Colorado. Of course, you're free to mix and match PPSC Online, CCC Online and hybrid classes as you like.

The support staff can provide assistance with D2L, student email accounts, accessing the myPPSC portal and more. Contact them here.

Please refer to the Program Licensing Disclosure|NC-SARA page for information.

Important Facts About Online Courses at Pikes Peak State College

  • All online courses meet the same learning outcomes as traditional courses. Prospective students must be admitted to the college before they can register for classes.
  • New online students may have to take placement tests before enrolling. Testing can be completed at PIkes Peak Community College and at other educational institutions around the country. Go to the National College Testing Association or the PPSC Testing Center for more information.

PIkes Peak Community College offers 16 degrees and 9 certificates that can be completed fully online. For more information see Online Programs

PPSC's Student Life Office offers student clubs and organizations for students to get involved in.

Visit the PPSC Report a Concern or Incident page.