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Facilities & Capital Projects

Leadership Team

Roland Scobee - Director of Facilities & Operations

Ben Budd - Assistant Director of Facilities

Charles Cash - Custodian Manager

Jo Walker - Director of Capital Projects


(719) 502-2800

Centennial Campus Room B229 ~ Downtown Studio Room N103 ~ Rampart Range Room N111
Administrative functions ONLY available at Centennial Campus - Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Public Service

Key & Employee ID

  • Employee ID badges can simply be requested at the Facilities & Operations front desk, no Work Order needed.
  • Key(s) must be requested via our Work Order System.
  • Individual requests must be submitted for EACH staff/faculty.
  • Work order must include: staff/faculty full name, S number, room access is needed for and pick up location.
  • Employees must PERSONALLY pick up, and sign for, their Employee ID Access Card or Key(s).
  • Staff and Faculty are responsible for ID card and key(s) integrity. Tampering with them can  cause loss of functionality and user will be responsible for any fee associated with a replacement.
  • Employees are responsible for securing ID card and key(s). Loss or theft must be reported immediately to Facilities and Operations and a Lost Key Report must be submitted to Facilities in person as a hard copy (or soft copy via FacilitiesEvents@pikespeak.edu before a new key(s) or ID can be issued.


Using your staff/faculty email, send a message to FacilitiesEvents@pikespeak.edu.

  1. Use the subject line: Employee ID Badge
  2. Include the following information in the body of your email:
    1. Your FULL name
    2. Your S Number
    3. Delivery preference:
      • Your desired campus, Rampart or Centennial, for a pick up appointment
  3. Attach the following to your email:
    1. The photo you want us to use on your ID. Photo must be: well lit and in focus, plain background, subject should be front facing not in profile. A selfie is acceptable (Sample Photo)   

School Dude

*Work Orders should be submitted (by faculty and staff) to request keys or work done at Department/Campus*

When you submit a WO, SchoolDude automatically generates email notifications to update you of: work order number, assignment to trade technician, labor updates, etc. If our tech needs more information, they'll be able to contact you directly. More information regarding how requests are created and routed available in the buttons below.

We take great pride in our quality of service but we need your help to be our eyes and ears on the ground.



Any Pikes Peak State College property that is deemed no longer needed should be disposed of thru the college property disposal process per State of Colorado Administrative Regulation 450-03. Based on condition of property, the item can be reused for other departments, recycled for parts or donated/sold. A complete list of disposal options is available on the Property Disposal Process Instructions. 

Once a disposal method is determined, a Property Disposal Form will need to be filled out and signed by the department's dean or director. PPSC Perkins Representative's signature is required for property purchased with Perkins funds. ITSS signature required for disposal of any electronics. Fill out a GENERAL Property Disposal Form for furniture, bookcases, filing cabinets etc. If you are disposing of mobile phones, cancel service, clear all personal data and fill out the CELL PHONES Property Disposal Form. 

* Note: All disposal forms must be followed by a Work Order Request scheduling a time/place for pick up of item(s)*

Pikes Peak State College has contracted with Mobile Record Shredders to provide on-site proper document destruction of confidential, or sensitive, college related material.

Mobile Record Shredders keep documents secured in locked bins until leaving campus grounds. Learn more about What Can and Cannot Be Shredded to ensure appropriate collection.

Bins are placed inside office areas to provide additional security of document's storage. To find the closest Bin/Console near you please review the Campus Maps page, scroll down to the Services Maps area for the campus of choice. 

The 3rd Leave-No-Trace Principle of disposing of waste properly when visiting the great outdoors inspired this program. We encourage students, faculty, and instructors to take any trash or recyclables they brought into the classroom back out to the hallway to dispose of in a waste station. Please wait until the end of class to avoid disrupting the learning environment. This program does not change waste collection in laboratories. 

Here are the triple-bottom-line benefits of this program:

  1. Social: The removal of waste receptacles in the classroom decreases the spread of allergens and germs. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about two students per class have a food allergy (Source). Also, students waiting to eat food and dispose of their waste until after class minimizes distractions in the classroom.   
  2. Economic/Financial: This program will save the college $37,000 in purchasing trash and recycling receptacles for over 200 classrooms across three campuses. Also, the consolidation of waste collection will provide custodial staff with more time to focus on other tasks, such as sanitizing surfaces. 
  3. Environmental: The better-equipped hallway waste stations will reduce contamination in the recycling stream. This benefit helps the college retain its waste hauling service and ensure more recyclables end up as new products. 

For more information visit PPSC Sustainability landing page

Capital Development & Construction

Custodial Maintenance - Chemical SDS

Facility Repairs (Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, HVAC/Plumbing...)

Users moves (space allocations related moves)

Minor user improvements (settling into new workspace)

Furniture repairs

Grounds Keeping

Events Setup

Snow Removal/Ice Control




campus image

State Vehicle

State employees can request to reserve the use of our staff vehicle (at Facilities front desk) with a few days' notice. Vehicle is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. *Note: we reserve the right to cancel reservations if a snow day is called - vehicle will be in use on snow duties*

Please take a moment to review and fill out the Trip Transit form prior to your trip. Facilities will need to retain a copy of the drivers' license on file.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the front desk of Facilities 502-2800.

Vision Statement

We are dedicated to student success and to making a positive impact in the lives of our employees, and personnel, throughout the PPSC community.

Core Values

Resolute: Purposeful, Determined, Unwavering

Objective: Intentional, unbiased

Committed: Loyal to the mission

Knowledge: Practical, Understanding