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Helpful Tips


Helpful Tips


Whether you are a new or continuing student, explore our tips and resources below to help you on your journey at Pikes Peak!


As a student at Pikes Peak State, you may quickly realize that there are terms that are used within the college setting that are new or unclear to you. Don't worry - you are not expected to know it all on your own! We created a Glossary of Common Terms to help you familiarize yourself with important words and phrases to know throughout your college experience.

Download the Glossary of Common Terms

You will have a student email account as soon as you register for classes. It is important to check your college email account on a regular basis because you will receive time sensitive messages from the college including information related to financial aid, your classes, payments, and more.

How to Access Your Student Email: 

  1. Log into myPikesPeak Portal and click the student email icon on the dashboard. 
  2. Log in to your student email account using your full student email address and current myPikesPeak Portal password. You can find your student email address on the myPikesPeak Portal dashboard. 

Video: How to Access Your Student Email

Some students prefer to access their student email through their personal email account. Learn how to forward your student email account to your personal email.

Visit the Pikes Peak State College Bookstore Webpage to order your textbooks.

Beginning two weeks before the start of the semester, students who are receiving a financial aid refund (i.e., getting more in financial aid money than they owe to PPSC for tuition and fees) are eligible to purchase required textbooks and supplies at the PPSC Bookstore. Be sure to indicate you are a financial aid student at the time of purchase and the bookstore staff will charge your books and supplies to your financial aid refund.

Video: How to Purchase Textbooks Online

Stop by the Student Life Office for your Student ID card. Your Student ID card also serves as your Mountain Metro Transit Bus Pass if you plan to use public transportation to campus and around town. You can visit the Student Life Office in person or request virtual services to receive your Student ID card/bus pass.

Centennial Campus

Downtown Studio Campus

Rampart Range Campus

Parking on all PPSC campuses is FREE! There are a couple important things to keep in mind, depending on where you take your classes.

If you are taking classes at the Downtown Campus, you can park in the Antlers Hilton Parking garage, conveniently located right next to the Downtown Campus. You will need to display a parking pass/hangtag in your vehicle. Stop by the Student Life Office for a hangtag or request one through virtual services

If you are taking classes at Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES), you may opt park at the Rampart Range Campus and ride the shuttle to and from CHES as parking is limited at CHES. There are designated parking areas for both shuttle riders and car pool participants on the southeast side of the Rampart Campus parking lot. The shuttle will run approximately every 7-10 minutes from the Rampart campus from 7:30am – 7pm Mondays-Thursdays and 7:30am-5:30pm Fridays when classes are in session.

View PPSC Campus Maps

Feeling connected and like you belong on campus is important and helps you experience all that the college experience has to offer! Pikes Peak State's Student Life Office offers student clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. Visit the Student Clubs and Organizations page to see what might be a good fit for you.

We also have different types of weekly events sponsored by Pikes Peak State. Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events.

There are a number of student employment jobs at PPSC! Student jobs are a flexible and convenient way to learn new skills while helping you pay for school. Use Handshake to view and apply for positions on campus.

Questions? Contact Career Services at 719-502-2360, career@pikespeak.edu, or online.

As a student at Pikes Peak State, there are a number of student services available to support your success! Whether you are looking for assistance with enrollment, financial aid, advising, basic needs, getting involved, or something else, we are here for you.

View PPSC Student Services

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Before adding or dropping any classes, we always recommend meeting with an Academic Advisor to ensure you are on track to reach your education and career goals. For students receiving financial aid and/or military benefits, it is especially important to check with an advisor before adding or dropping a class to understand how the class impacts your academic plan and aid. 

Once you know what classes to take, there are three ways to add or drop from a class:

  1. Log in to Navigate. Go to your planner and select "View/Edit Schedule." Select the drop down menu from the top left corner of each registered class. Select "Drop Course."
  2. Log in to myPikesPeak Portal, click on the "Add/Drop Class" icon on the Dashboard. Select the term. Next to "action," select what you would like to do. Click "Submit Changes" when finished.
  3. Stop by Enrollment Services and ask to fill out a Registration Form

Video: How to add a class

Video: How to drop a class

 If you have more questions related to your classes, check out our registration tips to help! 

Each of our campuses and buildings have an assigned location code – i.e. Rampart Range Campus is RRC.

We recommend checking your class details in Navigate a day or two before your class begins in case there is a classroom change.

Day of the week code:
Monday - M
Tuesday - T
Wednesday - W
Thursday - R
Friday - F
Saturday - S
Sunday - U

Video: How to find and interpret your class schedule 

You will use D2L to access your classes throughout the semester. To access D2L, go to myPikesPeak Portal and choose Course Access from the Dashboard icons. Check D2L on your first day of class well before your class begins.

Click the link for each class you are taking to view:

- Class syllabus
- Instructor contact information
- Required course materials
- Announcements

Video: Accessing D2L for Your Online Class

You are encouraged to refer to your class syllabus for each course to determine your instructor's grading time frame and policies. Final grades will be available within 7 days after the semester ends.

There are two ways to view grades online as a Pikes Peak student: 

  • In progress grades for classes that you are still currently taking can be found within D2L.
  • Final grades for classes that you have completed can be found through the dashboard in your myPikesPeak portal by selecting the "Final Grades" icon.

Questions regarding grades? Contact records@pikespeak.edu or 719-502-2000.


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Paying for School

Part of our mission is to provide educational opportunities that are accessible to all. One way we do that is through affordable education. PPSC has some of the lowest tuition around. View our Tuition & Fees page to learn more.

Our team at PPSC is here to help you make a plan to pay for your education. Depending on your eligibility, there are many ways to pay available including the College Opportunity Fund (COF), grants, scholarships, loans, student employment, military benefits, third-party billing, and self-pay options. Learn more about making a plan to pay for college.

We encourage all students to apply for the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) or Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA) to help us determine what financial aid is available to you. CASFA is for students who do not qualify for federal financial aid based on citizenship status. Learn more about CASFA

Applications for financial aid open on October 1 of each year for the following academic year. Filling out your financial aid application as soon as you can ensures you do not miss out on any financial aid that is available to you. 

The Financial Aid Office is available to help you complete your FAFSA or CASFA. Schedule an appointment in Navigate to get assistance. For Appointment Type, select Financial Aid and for service, select Help with Completing the FAFSA/CASFA.

Financial aid is specific to each student. After you complete your financial aid application and it is processed by our Financial Aid Office, it is important to check and accept your financial aid award to ensure you are ready for a successful semester.

  1. Log in to myPikesPeak Portal and select the Student Finance tab in the menu.
  2. Next, under My Financial Aid Information, choose "Award Overview" and select the academic year that you are checking.
  3. The offer(s) that you see in your Award Overview will vary if you are not enrolled as a Full Time student (taking 12 credit hours or more).

Video: How to check and accept your financial aid award

Grants are automatically accepted for you, so there is no action required by you for grants to be accepted. Grants are free money that do not have to be paid back. There are many grants that can be awarded, such as the Federal Pell Grant, Colorado Student Grant (CSG), Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) and the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG). Qualifying for grants starts with completing the FAFSA or CASFA

Depending on your financial aid award, you may have additional financial aid money left over after your tuition and fees are paid. You may use this money to pay for other educational expenses like books, housing, transportation, and more. Students with left over Financial aid money will receive a financial aid refund.

Pikes Peak State College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund to you electronically. You must set up your refund preference to receive your financial aid award with BankMobile. We highly recommend double checking that your refund preference is up to date every semester. To set up or check your refund preference, log in to myPikesPeak Portal and select the BankMobile icon from the Dashboard.

This is specific to each student. You can view more details in your myPikesPeak Portal.

  1. Log in to myPikesPeak Portal and select the Student Finance tab in the menu.
  2. Next, under My Financial Aid Information, choose "Award Payment Schedule" and select the aid year that you are checking.
  3. This will show you the anticipated date for your awards to pay out to Pikes Peak. Keep in mind, this is the day financial aid is paid to Pikes Peak State and NOT the day that you will receive your financial aid refund.

Financial Aid payments will not occur until after the drop date of classes. Drop dates vary and are listed in the Detailed Student Schedule in the Registration section of myPikesPeak Portal. Financial aid pays out on Mondays.

You have the right to cancel all or part of your loan within 14 days of your loan disbursement. If you wish to cancel any portion of your loan, you must submit a completed and signed Loan Adjustment Form - Cancel to any Pikes Peak State Financial Aid Office requesting cancellation.

If your funds have already been paid, canceling all or part of your loan will require you to return loan funds directly to the lender. Your lender’s information can be found at StudentAid.gov. You will need to log in using your FSA ID.

Complete the Loan Adjustment Form - Increase and return it to any Pikes Peak State Financial Aid Office requesting the funds for the desired semester.

This is specific to each student. A withdrawal means you are canceling your enrollment in a class after the determined course drop date.

For a withdrawal, you are still financially responsible for the class. Calculations are performed at the end of each semester to determine the percentage of the class that was completed. This will affect the amount due for the class that will need to be paid back to Pikes Peak State as we will have to return the funds to the government. Students receiving financial aid and/or military benefits for classes are highly encouraged to contact an advisor before withdrawing from a class.

If a student does a ‘complete withdrawal’ (withdrawals from every class during a semester), they will be automatically ineligible for financial aid for the next semester of attendance and must submit an appeal for reconsideration. The student may also be liable to pay a portion of money back to Pikes Peak State. 

Your financial aid is awarded with the assumption that you will enroll as a Full Time student, meaning you are registered for 12 credit hours or more. If you register for less than 12 credit hours, your financial aid award will be prorated as long as the award is high enough to prorate down.

Grants such as the Colorado Student Grant or the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) will only prorate to 6 credit hours and will not award for fewer than 6 credit hours.

Student Loans and work study awards will only award at 6 credit hours or more. 

Another reason could be that you are on Financial Aid ineligibility in which case you will not receive any Financial funds.

For questions related to financial aid, contact our Financial Aid team at 719-502-300, financialaid@pikespeak.edu, online, or in person at the Centennial Campus.

For questions related to tuition, fees, and payments, contact our Student Accounts team at 719-502-2300, studentaccounts@pikespeak.edu, online, or in person at the Centennial Campus.

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