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Registration Process

Before You Register

Visit with an Academic Advisor. If you have not, schedule an appointment below to get the correct class recommendations. 

Accept Your Student Payment Agreement. Must be done each semester; This is not a payment plan, but a payment acknowledgment. 

How To Schedule Advising AppointmentHow To Acknowledge Your Payment Agreement
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Are You Ready to Register?

Before you register for your courses, make sure you can answer "Yes" to the below questions:

  • Have you applied to PPSC and received your student number (S#)?

IMPORTANT: If you answered "No" to any of those questions, check out the Become a Student webpage to review your student enrollment checklist. 

Note that some some situations (Visiting Summer Students or students who would like to audit a class) have different steps to enrollment. Be sure to follow the steps on the Visiting Summer Students or Audit a Class web pages to ensure you are on the right path! 

I answered "Yes" to all of the above - I am ready to register! 

If you answered "Yes" to all the questions - use the step-by-step guide below to register for your courses.

How to Register

Full Video Tutorial

Registering for courses is easy with Navigate. This video guide provides an overview of the entire process.

Scroll down for additional registration assistance, broken down step-by-step.
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If you are only taking PPSC courses for the summer and are planning to transfer your summer credits back to your home institution, you are a Visiting Summer Student and have different steps to enrollment. Follow the steps on the Visiting Summer Students webpage before you register for summer courses. 

If you would like to audit a course (on a space-available basis ONLY) you will also need to take different steps. Visit the Audit a Class webpage for details.

Before You Register

Know How to Access Navigate

  1. You can access Navigate from your MyPPSC Portal.
  2. Enter your student ID - also called an S# - and your password.
  3. The Navigate icon will be prominently displayed under the Dashboard section of the main portal landing page.
It is essential that students understand how to access Navigate within their MyPPSC Portal. 

Accept Your Payment Agreement

Before you begin the registration process in Navigate you must first accept your "Payment Agreement" for the upcoming semester. 

To complete this process:

  1. Log into MyPPSC Portal, click on Navigate, and select “To-Dos and Events”
  2. You will find the “Accept Payment Agreement” to-do under your “Today Checklist”.

Make sure you do this - first -  before you continue the registration process. 

Using My Planner to Register

Inside your Navigate Planner, you can use your "My Planner" screen to begin the registration process -

  1. Make sure the term you are wanting to  register for is showing (e.g. Fall 2023)
  2. If not, simply select the “Add a New Term” button and select the appropriate term.

Planning Courses for Upcoming Terms

To add courses to your plan for the upcoming semester

  1. Use the “Hamburger Menu” (the three-horizontal line button) next to your desired courses to add the courses to the term.
  2. Or use the "Search for Courses" tool on the left-hand menu to manually search and add courses to your term.

Continue adding all the classes you intend to take.

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Manual Course Search

If you know the subject prefix and course number, you can use the “Search” option in Navigate to look up courses individually and add them to your term.

Select the button, below, to learn how to manually search for courses.

Viewing Class Time & Location Options

Once you have planned and added your courses to the Term Planner, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “View/Edit Schedule” button to load the "My Schedule" screen.
  2. For each planned course, select the “Sections” option to view time and location options. 
  3. Review your time, location, course format, and beginning and end dates for the section you choose. 
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No Class Availability? 

We recommended checking your Navigate “Time and Location Preferences” before selecting your courses. If you checked a preferred campus or blocked times for work or other responsibilities, this may limit your search results. 

Watch the video below for more information. 


Adding Courses to Your Schedule

  1. After selecting a section, add your chosen course into the right-side “Weekly Calendar” to tentatively schedule it. 
  2. Repeat these steps to schedule your remaining courses.
  3. Scroll down to review the summary of your scheduled courses.  
  4. Verify your class locations, meeting times, course format, and other details.
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Online and Hybrid Course Format

Pay close attention to the course format and date range of each of your courses to ensure you are registering for courses that are the right fit for you.

  • PPSC Online will have an N* (BUS 115-1N1). PPSC Online courses are taught by PPSC faculty
  • PPSC Hybrid will have an H* (PSY 101-1H1). PPSC Hybrid courses are taught by PPSC faculty.
  • CCCOnline will have a C* (HIS 101-C11). CCCOnline courses are taught by Colorado Community College System faculty from around the state.

Let's Get Registered!

To finalize the registration of your scheduled courses, make sure you continue the process:

  1. Select the “Register” button.
  2. You will then see the “Transaction Summary Report” confirming that your courses have been officially added to your semester registration.

Congratulations - your semester registration is complete! 

Interpreting Your Schedule Image

Interpreting Your Class Schedule

It is important to know how to find - and read - your class schedule. 

Review Your Schedule - Two Times!

We recommend that you review your schedule:
1) As soon as you register, and

2) A few days before classes begin (in case class locations have changed, etc.)

We also recommend familiarizing yourself with the classroom locations using our campus building maps available here.

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Still Need Help? Reach Out To Us

Technical Assistance

Password or login issues? If you are a brand new student, and this is your first time logging in to your MyPPSC Portal, please use your default password given to you by the admissions office.

Still having issues? Contact Tech Support

Academic Advising Questions?

For general advising questions (course, degree, recommendations), email advising@pikespeak.edu or call (719) 502-3232

Please include your Student Number in all communications.