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Financial Aid Appeals

Appeal for Qualitative Ineligibility 

Complete this form if you are ineligible due to your GPA dropping below a 2.0, your completion rate drops below 67%, or if you completely failed or withdrew from your last semester of attendance.

Appeal for Quantitative Ineligibility

Complete this form if you are ineligible due to having attempted 150% of the credits required to complete your degree.

Appeal for both Qualitative and Quantitative Ineligibility

Complete this form if you are ineligible due to both having attempted 150% of the credits required for your degree and have not met one of the qualitative requirements, such as GPA below 2.0, completion rate below 67%, and/or complete failure/withdraw from a past semester.

If you are submitting a Financial Aid Appeal due to medical or health reasons, please complete the Medical Documentation Form and include it with your Financial Aid Appeal.

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Registrar/Records Appeals

Appeal for COF Fund

The College Opportunity Fund is a tuition contribution provided by the State of Colorado to students who meet the qualifications to receive in-state tuition rates and have a lawful presence in the United States. If you feel as though circumstances beyond your control prevented you from receiving COF for previous semesters at PPSC, you may complete a COF appeal.

Tuition Appeal

A Tuition Appeal should be completed when a student withdraws from their class(es) after the drop date or has received an F grade in their course(s). This appeal is only to be used if withdrawal or failing grade(s) were due to documented extenuating circumstances. If approved, this appeal can result in a full or partial tuition refund.

Previous Degree Appeal

Please complete this form to authorize the processing of your intent to pursue a second degree or if you are pursuing specific courses required for admission to an undergraduate or graduate program.

Academic Appeals

Academic Concern

Use this form to report an academic concern. An academic concern is defined as concerns with instructor behavior, class policies, and unfair expectations or demands. If your concern regards alleged discrimination or harassment (i.e., gender, age, sexual, race, etc.), use the Discrimination/Harassment Complaint form or contact Human Resources at 719-502-2600.

Academic Suspension

An appeal for an exemption from the requirement to sit out a set number of semesters following a change in academic standing from Probation to Suspension.

Academic Renewal

The Academic Renewal policy (ES4-82) allows former Pikes Peak State College students, who did not meet satisfactory academic standards, to apply for the exclusion of failed credits (grades of D, F, or U) from the calculation of the grade point average. Failing grades are not removed from the academic record; they are excluded from the GPA calculation.
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