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Planning for a Bachelor's

Complete the First Two Years of Your Bachelor's Degree at PPSC

Pikes Peak State College has established a solid reputation for producing outstanding students who earn their associate’s degrees at PPSC and then transfer to four-year colleges or universities to complete their bachelor’s degrees. PPSC also offers some four-year degrees, so you can complete your entire bachelor's degree here. (See below for more information about that.)

Benefits of Starting at Pikes Peak State College

The Colorado Community College System maintains many Transfer Agreements and Institutional Transfer Guides that allow students to smoothly transfer on to complete a bachelor's degree.

These agreements with four-year colleges and universities in Colorado and across the country ensure guaranteed acceptance of PPSC credits.

Pikes Peak State College offers:
  • Small classes
  • Flexible classes including on-campus, online, evening, weekend and hybrid course formats
  • Strong student support services
  • A tuition rate approximately 1/3 the cost of most public universities
Meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure that you are making the best choices by following an Institution Transfer Guide or a Statewide Transfer Agreement.  Schedule your advising appointment through Navigate or by calling 719-502-3232.

Transfer Planning

Preparation is the key to successfully transferring to a four-year baccalaureate program. Begin researching your options during your first semester at Pikes Peak State College. Early planning will give you the most choices and best opportunities for your intended baccalaureate major. Be aware that most four-year colleges and universities have priority application deadlines. Regularly work with your PPSC advisors and transfer staff at your desired college or university.

Creating a Plan
Discuss your plans with your advisors, they can provide you with information on:

  • Course selection, sequence of courses, and specific requirements
  • Admissions information and scholarships available at four-year colleges and universities
  • Contact information for most four-year colleges
Meet with an advisor to discuss transfer planning:
  • Make an appointment through Navigate, select "Degree Planning"
  • Call (719) 502-3232

Transfer Guidelines
Planning ahead while studying at PPSC will help make the transfer process go smoothly.

Keep in mind:

  1. "D" and "F" grades do not transfer to four-year colleges and universities
  2. Courses below the 100 level are not transferable.
  3. AA/AS are Transfer Degrees, guaranteed for all four-year public Colorado Universities & Colleges
  4. AAS/AGS are non-Transfer Degrees; however some have Institutional Transfer Agreements and individual courses may transfer.
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The Colorado Department of Higher Education maintains a Statewide Transfer Program for all Colorado Public Institutions.  The Colorado Community College System also maintains transfer agreements with other colleges. Pikes Peak State College only maintains transfer relationships with schools that hold Regional Accreditation. Information about schools that Pikes Peak State College maintains relationships with can be found on our Transfer Partners Webpage

The most popular transfer institutions for students finishing at PPSC are quick linked below:

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

CSU Ft. Collins

CSU Pueblo

Four-Year Degrees at Pikes Peak State College

PPSC recently added these bachelor's degrees:

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing
The RN to BSN Program offers an online completion program for licensed registered nurses seeking to obtain their bachelor’s degree.  PPSC is also now offering a dual enrollment option, allowing current ADN students to take BSN courses.  The BSN is required by employers like these: military, federal government, public health, schools,  many local hospitals, and out of state nursing jobs. It makes you more employable in Colorado and elsewhere, and it's necessary for advancing your career in leadership and management or continuing your education.

Emergency Service Administration
Whether responding to a terrorist event, a natural disaster, or a public-health emergency, competent leadership and skilled emergency administration expertise is critical to ensuring the preservation of life and property. PPSC’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree will equip you to become a skilled and competent emergency response leader.

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner
The Advanced Paramedic Practitioner BAS is designed to prepare currently certified paramedic for the field of critical care and community paramedicine. This degree path also serves as a pathway to licensure in Colorado. Education provided within the degree will fill the void of current psychiatric education in Emergency Medical System to meet a need within the healthcare system. The degree focuses on interpersonal and interdisciplinary relationships and self-reflection for continued personal growth.

It's also easy to earn a double major, particularly in these latter two. Ask your advisor for more information. 

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Meet with an advisor to discuss transfer planning:
Make an appointment through Navigate, select "Degree Planning"