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Brand Assets

What is a brand?

A brand is simply a person’s perception of your organization. It is not just a logo. It is an experience you want your audience to feel when they interact with you. 

Pikes Peak State's visual identity is compromised of many components: logos, the college's mascot, a vast color palette, fonts, photos, and graphic elements such as patterns and shapes. Preserving a brand's visual identity is vital in continuing the recognition and integrity of that brand. 

In order to maintain Pikes Peak State's visual identity, this page has a variety of assets you can download to help us provide consistency throughout all materials used internally and externally at the college. 

The new brand guide lives online. It's much easier to navigate and regularly update. All of the assets you need will continue to live on the Pikes Peak State website.

Marketing brand guide cover
pikes peak state college logo

Pikes Peak State College Logo

The Pikes Peak State College logo is modern and geometric to be flexible in a variety of mediums. The angled peaks represent arrows pointing upward to reflect our students' journey to their career and education summit. Green represents growth, intelligence, and taking action. Blue reflects stability, trust and calm. Together, these colors make our students feel welcome and trust Pikes Peak State College to give them a quality education.
We've also created Department and Division logos for your use.
The logo package includes a variety of executions and file formats. For complete details on correct logo use and what to avoid, visit the online brand guide. To understand correct use of the file formats, download the guide.

Arnie the Aardvark

Pikes Peak State's beloved mascot, Arnie the aardvark, is here to stay. He did, however, get a new shirt that uses the new mark. Update your files and download Arnie in a variety of poses, colors, and file formats to use on your projects.
Arnie the aardvark
Pikes Peak State College letterhead

Letterhead & PowerPoint Templates

The new letterhead and PowerPoint templates are available for download. Each ZIP file includes the Pikes Peak State College fonts from Google. If you haven't already downloaded and installed them, do so before using the templates. We want to keep our materials as consistent as possible, and using the correct fonts will help with that.

Brand Colors

The Pikes Peak State College color palette has shifted away from red and earth tones to a much more vibrant array. The expanded colors reflect the diversity and high energy of our students, faculty, and staff. It allows our brand to be fluid and appeal to the large demographic the college services. 

Each individual pathway and their respective programs will each have 2 colors assigned to them. These colors are exclusive to that pathway and programs in order to create a coding system that will make it easy for students to keep track of the pathway they're interested in.

The full palette with hex and RGB codes is available in the online brand guide.
letterpress type


Pikes Peak State College has 4 fonts in the brand system. These fonts are only available through an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. If you have a Cloud account, you can download these to your library. 

Primary / Body Copy Font
  • Freight Sans
Headline / Display Fonts
  • Bodoni Egyptian Pro
  • Sackers Gothic (only available as an individual license purchase)
  • Freight Sans Condensed

There are free Google Font alternatives.
  • Source Sans (replaces Freight Sans)
  • Sanchez (replaces Bodoni Egyptian Pro)
  • Oswald (replaces Freight Sans Condensed)


Do you need to make your own promotional materials when marketing isn't available? We now have an enterprise account of Canva, which is a web-based tool for non-designers. 

We have uploaded all of the Pikes Peak State College brand assets and created a plethora of templates for large posters, 11x17 posters, flyers, and social media graphics. 

Request a login for your account from Dawn Gendron.
screenshot of Canva

Virtual Backgrounds

A variety of college-branded virtual backgrounds are available for download. These can be used on both Zoom and Teams.

College Seal

The college seal has very specific approved uses. If you need it, email the marketing department.
students on a computer