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Graduate Two

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Don’t freak out. You don’t need to decide everything about your future in the next five seconds. But you may find that choosing a general academic pathway will help you find your way. Check out your options, and if you’re confused or don’t find anything you like, meet with an advisor.
HVAC studentsApplied Technology

Applied Technology

Applied Technology is where rubber meets road, where concepts become the machines and systems that run our world. Whether it's building robots, designing fabrication materials or repairing engines and HVAC systems, PPSC's Applied Technology Pathway programs provide you with the technical skills to make things work.

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male saxophonistArts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities

Human expression in all its forms enriches lives and defines our culture. PPSC's Arts & Humanities Pathway begins with your passions and can take you to rewarding careers in theatre, dance, art or art history, music and much more. 

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culinary studentBusiness, Design, & Hospitality

Business, Design & Hospitality

Welcome to the center of commerce, where the world of business awaits bright and ambitious minds. PPSC's Business, Design & Hospitality programs can take you to retail shops, new start-ups, design agencies, accounting firms, bustling kitchens, and places where deals impact multitudes. 

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female nursing studentMedical Sciences

Medical Sciences

The sick child whose fever finally broke thanks to your care. The satisfaction in knowing that you've made a difference. The rewards you'll find through PPSC's Medical Sciences Pathway may be greater than you can imagine. These careers also pay well and prove profoundly mobile.

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firefighting studentsPublic Service & Social Science

Public Service & Social Sciences

PPSC's Public Service & Social Science Pathway is for people who want to be on the front lines, fighting raging wildfires, keeping the peace during turbulent times, helping domestic violence victims heal and find independence. If your calling is to help people, PPSC can give you the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

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science studentSTEM

science, technology, engineering & math (stem)

PPSC's STEM Pathway serves as the basis for careers as varied as zoo keeper, cybersecurity professional and engineer.  Gaining skills in STEM enable you to leverage science and math to pursue rewarding careers in the ever-expanding age of technology.

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Still don't know where to look?

That’s OK! We’ve got you covered with our academic advising and career services teams.

Academic Advising is for students who need some help getting started with Pikes Peak State College. They can help guide you through how to select a major and get enrolled in classes.

Career Services is for students and potential students who want help in figuring out their career path. They can help you find and compare different career options that may suit you and your goals.

You don’t have to go it alone! At Pikes Peak State College, we’re here to help make your dreams come true. Connect with us and make it happen!