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Multimedia Graphic Design

Multimedia Graphic Design

Degree Type: Associate of Applied Science Degree, AAS

Pathway: Technical and Professional Studies

More Options: Classroom Based, Remote Real-Time, Hyflex, Online, Hybrid

Program Length: 4 semesters

Location: Centennial, Rampart Range, Downtown Studio, Studio West

Transferability: Transferable

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Spring 2024 registration opens October 30

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Why choose multimedia graphic design at PPSC?

PPSC’s Multimedia Graphic Design program educates you on the best practices, trends and software needed to pursue a career in print design, web, video and motion graphics. Principles of design including color theory, layout, illustration and production are taught by qualified instructors with real-world experience. Upon graduation, you are equipped to provide strong visual communication and problem solving skills to their clients and employers. They can pursue a variety of careers including art director, illustrator, UX/UI designer and special effects technician. Join over 300 PPSC students who declared their degree as multimedia graphic design.
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What do PPSC MGD students study?

The Multimedia Graphic Design program provides substantial emphasis in one of three communication options: Print, Multimedia, and Design Illustration. Areas of study include: Color, Layout & Design, Illustration, Web Design/UX Design, Video Editing, Photo imaging, Publishing, and Production. Explore your interests while building foundational skills for the MGD field. The certificates and Associate of Applied Science degree provide training for entry-level occupations such as Graphic Designer, Multimedia Artist, Technical Illustrator, Digital Illustrator, and Web Designer. Career opportunities. Explore the world of Multimedia Graphic Design.

MGD Classes You Might Take

MGD offers a variety of classes in print design, web design, video editing, and illustration. Check out some of the courses you may take.
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3 Credit Hour(s) • 67.5 Contact Hours (Lecture/Lab Combination) Prerequisite: MGD 102, MGD 109, MGD 111, MGD 112, MGD 114, MGD 116 Expands the investigation of typographic form, function and meaning within the context of contemporary visual language. Students will learn to effectively use typography as a solution to many diverse visual language applications. Students will build conceptualization skills while further experimenting with the aesthetic, formal and functional role typography plays in the creation of meaning. Students will learn how type is applied to grid systems and will explore an increasing complexity of content organization, encompassing multipage formats, websites, and systems design considerations.

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3 Credit Hour(s) • 67.5 Contact Hours (Lecture/Lab Combination) Presents a selected overview of the origins and development of narrative illustration as it relates specifically to the genre of comics. Students will explore the fundamentals of developing and illustrating comics, encompassing single panel comics, and word + image-based comics.

Typography I Promotion

3 Credit Hour(s) • 67.5 Contact Hours (Lecture/Lab Combination) Introduces the history and concepts of typography as applied to graphic communications. Explores appropriate use of typography in a variety of design applications, emphasizing the basic design principles of typographic compositions and typesetting. Covers type recognition and typographic terms.

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3 Credit Hour(s) • 67.5 Contact Hours (Lecture/Lab Combination) Explores techniques and approaches in the latest delivery methods for web, mobile, and emergent media communication. Students explore digital media outlets such as blogs, podcasts, e-zines and social networks. Concepts in video production, photography, journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations, editing and relevant skills necessary for agile mass communication are introduced. Students create communication pieces for internet-based, mobile, and emergent media.

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Voices of PPSC

Rachel Francis

Voices of PPSC

My experience in the PPLD MGD program not only changed my life, but changed my perspective on the unmatched value of community college. I learned every facet of the industry and made personal and professional connections that have opened up amazing opportunities and created lasting imprints on my career. I will always be grateful to PPSC for providing this program that took a life-long passion and turned it into a future.

Rachel Francis
PPSC MGD Graduate | Graphic Designer, Pikes Peak Library District


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and implement design and industry skills using appropriate techniques
  • Convey a message through a design medium based on client requirements, the target audience and using typographic principles to create an information hierarchy
  • Produce a design that shows a mastery of technical knowledge in typographic design principles
  • Identify current trends and technologies as well as being well versed in a multitude of creative styles
  • Critically analyze and interpret client requirements
  • Assemble a strong portfolio and produce a professional level body of design work
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Many students can earn a certificate along with the AAS MGD degree by taking required electives along their areas of interest. Please contact one of our advisors for more information:

You can enroll and take only one or two classes per semester and finish your degree over time depending on your schedule. You can also enroll to take a single class without seeking a degree or certificate.

  • Design to Print Certificate
  • Digital Image Certificate
  • Foundations of Multimedia Graphic Design Certificate
  • Illustration Certificate
  • Video Production and Editing Certificate
  • Web Design Certificate
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Contact MGD Faculty

Peter Strand
Department Chair
(719) 502-3730

Contact MGD Advisors

Peter Strand
Department Chair
(719) 502-3730

Kris Akse
(719) 502-3277

Jenna Shearn
(719) 502-3143

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