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Physical Education

Degree Type: Associate of General Studies Degree, AGS, Certificate, CER

Pathway: Science, Engineering and Math

More Options: Classroom Based, Hyflex

Location: Centennial, Downtown Studio

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Physical Education Courses You Might Take

Full-Semester and late start class options are available. Pilates and Yoga also offer hyflex options. Here are some Physical Education classes you could take here at PPSC.

Offers basic instruction and practice in weight training. Students utilize weight training equipment in accordance to their abilities and goals. Emphasizes weight training equipment orientation, correct lifting techniques, and basic program design for men and women.

Focuses on improving total fitness via an aerobic circuit training program. Includes an individual fitness evaluation, computerized analysis of results, and a prescribed exercise program. Covers the basic components of fitness including flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition. Weight machines, stationary bicycles, and computerized cardiovascular equipment will be used to elicit improvements in fitness.

Introduces aerobic kickboxing as an innovative new interval training aerobics workout that burns fat and increases cardiorespiratory endurance. This high intensity course will focus on basic kickboxing moves and technique through hi-low aerobics choreography and target striking. The course will also include floor work to focus on toning and flexibility.

Offers a guided instruction in yoga. Students practice yoga according to their individual fitness levels and abilities. Emphasizes enhancing general health and well-being through the performance of yoga strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation techniques and exercises.

Focuses on Pilates matwork to increase core strength, overall muscles tone and flexibility with focused and precise floor work techniques. A physical education class built upon the philosophies and exercises of Josef Pilates.

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