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Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

Degree Type: Associate of Applied Science Degree, AAS

Pathway: Technical and Professional Studies

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Why choose Automotive Technology at PPSC?

The Automotive program at PPSC will provide hands-on learning about the inner workings of a variety of vehicles. When you finish, you'll be ready for careers in the repair, service, sales, and supply fields.

Career Options

With a certificate or degree from PPSC in Automotive Technology, you are prepared for gainful employment as automotive service professionals. Automotive Technology studies lead to interesting careers in repair, service, sales and supply like:

  • Master Mechanic
  • Vocational and Education Teacher
  • Business Consultant
  • Automotive Engineering Technician
  • Automotive Specialty Technician
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Classes You Might Take

As a PPSC Automotive Technology student, you will receive hands on instruction from industry leaders. You will learn how to:

  • Diagnose problems
  • Replace various components in engines
  • Service Transmissions
  • Service Fuel systems and electrical systems

Automotive Technology also will cover other automotive systems like emissions, ignitions, brakes, air conditioning systems and suspensions.

class 1

Introduces vehicle electricity and includes basic electrical theory, circuit designs, and wiring methods. It also focuses on multimeter usage and wiring diagrams.

class 2

Focuses on lecture and laboratory experiences in the service of cylinder head, valve-train components and components of the cooling system. Course also includes engine removal and re-installation and re-mounting systems.

class 3

Focuses on lecture and laboratory experiences in the diagnosis and repair of automotive fuel emission control systems, filter systems and spark plugs. Course also includes maintenance to diesel (DEF) systems.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Diagnose and repair manual drive train systems including vibrations, shifting problems, and noises

  • Diagnose and repair general engine concerns, including rough running engines, noises, lack of power, and exhaust smoke

  • Diagnose and repair starting and charging systems including no cranking, dead battery, and alternator faults

  • Diagnose and repair braking systems including: Traction control, Anti-lock, and Active braking systems

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Program plan

math & english requirements

Program plan

Course & Credit Hours 

ASE 1002 - Introduction to the Automotive Shop (2)

ASE 1020 - Basic Automotive Electricity (2)

ASE 1023 - Starting & Charging System (2)

ASE 1010 - Brakes I (2) Tri-semester

ASE 1011 - Automotive Brake Service II (2) Tri-semester

ASE 2010 - Automotive Power & ABS Brake Systems (2) Tri-semester 

ASE 1060 - Automotive Engine Repair (2)

ASE 1061 - Engine Repair & Rebuild (3)

Total Credit Hours: 17

Course & Credit Hours

ASE 1030 - General Engine Diagnosis (2) Tri-semester

ASE 1032 - Ignition System Diagnosis & Repair (2) Tri-semester

ASE 1034 - Automotive Fuel & Emissions Systems I (2) Tri-semester

ASE 1040 - Suspension & Steering I (2)Tri-semester

ASE 1041 - Suspension & Steering II (2) Tri-semester

ASE 2040 - Suspension & Steering III (2) Tri-semester

ASE 2035 - Drivability & Diagnosis (2)

COM 2250 - Organizational Communication (3)

Total Credit Hours: 17

Course & Credit Hours

ASE 1050 - Manual Drive Train & Axle Maintenance (2) Tri-Semester

ASE 1051 - Automotive Manual Transmission/Transaxles & Clutches (2) Tri-semester

ASE 1052 - Manual Transmission, Transaxles & Clutches II (2) Tri-semester

ASE 2031 - Automotive Computers & Ignition Systems (2) Bi-semester

ASE 2033 - Auto Fuel Injection & Emissions Systems II (4) Bi-semester 

ASE 2050 - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Service (1) Bi-semester

CIS 1018 - Introduction to PC Applications (3)

Total Credit Hours: 17

Course & Credit Hours

ASE 2021 - Automotive & Diesel Body Electrical (4)

ASE 2065 - Heating & Air Conditioning Systems (4) 

MAT 1140 - Career Math (3)

General Education Electives from the approved list in catalog (6)

Total Credit Hours: 17

math & english requirements

MAT 1140 - Career Math (3)