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Pathway: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

More Options: Classroom Based

Program Length: 5 Semesters

Location: Centennial

Transferability: Non-transferable

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Career Options

Professional photography at PPSC prepares you for a variety of fun, exciting career options. Careers for professional photography graduates can include:
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Consumer Portrait Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Commercial Advertising Photography
  • Photojournalism/Editorial/ Documentary Photography

Photography Classes You Might Take

Check out the classes you may take studying photography.

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Introduces students to photography through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, assignments, and critiques. Students will learn to see photographically via an exploration of the basic tools, techniques and aesthetics of photography, with an emphasis on the creative use of camera controls, exposure, an overview of film and digital processing, and an awareness of the critical issues in contemporary photography.

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Presents the fundamentals of Fine Art digital photography, including camera equipment and software used for image capture, management and manipulation. Topics include camera settings and exposure control, composition, working with light and time and creative image manipulation.

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This course is a continuation of View Camera and Lighting Techniques, emphasizing studio product illustration using color transparency film and digital capture. Advance techniques in lighting and further development of proficiency with the view camera and advanced aspects of commercial illustration photography are included.

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Presents skills for the intermediate/advanced photo student interested in learning the professional techniques associated with events (venue) and wedding photography. There will be an emphasis on advanced camera and flash techniques, candid, formal and ceremonial photography. Business and planning aspects will also be covered. Topics covered will include Weddings, Bar mitzvah/Bas mitzvah, Music Concerts, Sporting Events, Graduations and similar occasions. Students will gain hands-on knowledge and learn practical shooting skills.

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photography student

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Describe photography works and techniques using the appropriate vocabulary
  • Convey a message through a visual medium in a way that reflects mastery of artistic composition
  • Produce visual imagery that shows a mastery of technical knowledge in camera operation, lighting, and computer manipulation
  • Evaluate the creative and compositional aspects of photography using a variety of styles and genres
  • Critically analyze and interpret photographic images
  • Produce a professional-level body of photographic work

1st semester plan

math & english requirements

1st semester plan

  • ART 1110 - Art Appreciation AH1 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • COM 1150 - Public Speaking 3 Credit Hour(s) or COM 1250 - Interpersonal Communication SS3 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • CIS 1018 - Introduction to PC Applications 3 Credit Hour(s) or CSC 1005 - Computer Literacy 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • ENG 1021 - English Composition I CO1 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • MAT 1140 - Career Math 3 Credit Hour(s)


math & english requirements

  • College Quantitative Literacy 

    • MAT 1140 - Career Math 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • College Reading & Writing Literacy

  • ENG 1021 - English Composition I CO1 3 Credit Hour(s)

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Photography Faculty Contact

Cynthia Holling-Morris
(719) 502-3241

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