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Degree Type: Associate of Arts Degree, AA

Pathway: Arts & Humanities

More Options: Classroom Based

Program Length: 4 Semesters

Location: Centennial, Rampart Range, Downtown Studio

Transferability: Transferable, Guaranteed Transfer (GT)

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Why choose Art at PPSC?

The PPSC Art Department will give you the tools to develop your creativity as you work on concept development, technical mastery, critical analysis, and originality. You'll exhibit your artwork at the college and professional venues, as well as interact with fellow artists and students from throughout the state. Your skills could be used to become a professional artist, and with more advanced degrees, pursue such careers as a professor, curator, museum director or gallery director.

Art is a widely applicable concept that reaches into many career fields. It is a great way to embark on a career in fine art, education, communication or any of the liberal arts fields. Studying art is also a great way to launch a career as an artist or begin the journey to graduate school. Recent graduates have transferred to prestigious four-year universities and gone on to positions in galleries, museums and art councils or as studio artists.



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ART Classes You Might Take

As a PPSC art student, you will have the opportunity to learn more about:

  • 2-D Visual art forms such as drawing, figure drawing, concepts of 2-D design, color theory, painting, print making and photography.
  • 3-D Visual art forms such as concepts of 3-D design, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and glass arts.
  • Art history: Ancient to Medieval, Renaissance to Modern and 1900-Present.
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Examines the basic elements of design, visual perception, and artistic form and composition as they relate to two-dimensional media.

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Provides the knowledge base to understand the visual arts, especially as related to Western culture. Surveys the visual arts from the Ancient through the Medieval periods.

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Investigates the various approaches and media that students need to develop drawing skills and visual perception.

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Voices of PPSC

Simone Shacke

Voices of PPSC

I [took a jewelry making class] mainly to keep my sanity, because of all of the other classes. I took a sample class and realized how much I liked it.

Simone Shacke
Communication Major

Learning Outcomes

  • Accurately place a piece of art within its proper context in time and significance
  • Write an MLA formatted scholarly research paper and discuss various artistic trends and periods
  • Analyze various media, techniques, and individual artists both traditional and contemporary

  • Adequately utilize media such as paint, clay, and pencils
  • Produce artwork that follows standards and guidelines
  • Identify and describe the Visual Elements and Principles of Design
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1st semester plan

math & english requirements

1st semester plan

ENG 1121 - English Composition I (3)

1 GT Pathways Mathematics course from GT-MA1 (3) prefer MAT 1240  

 1 GT Pathways History course from HI1 (3)

ART 1111 - Art History Ancient to Medieval AH1 (3) or ART 1112 - Art History Renaissance to 1900 AH1 (3)

1 GT Pathways Arts and Humanities course from AH2, AH3, or AH4 (3)

ENG 1121 - English Composition I (3)

MAT 1240 - Mathematics for Liberal Arts (4)

1 GT Pathways Arts and Humanities course from AH2, AH3, or AH4 (3)

ART 1201 - Drawing I (3)

1 GT Pathways Social and Behavioral Sciences course from SS1, SS2, or SS3 (3)

math & english requirements

MAT 1240 - Mathematics for Liberal Arts (4)

ENG 1021 - English Composition I (3)

ENG 1022 - English Composition II (3)

Art Department Faculty Contact

Harley Acres

Advising Team

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