Pathways at Pikes Peak State College

Pathways at Pikes Peak State College

College can be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you down your path.

Explore 5 different pathways that can help you match your interests to our programs.


Our pathways are the perfect place to help you explore your future.

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PPSC alumni have moved into Accounting positions in local small businesses, multi-national corporations, banks, and not-for-profit government entities.

Business, Technology and Public Service

Welcome to the world where things get done. Put out fires, keep the peace, create an edible masterpiece, improve the digital world, teach the next generation. PPSC’s Business, Technology and Public Service programs can take you to the world of business and finance, community service, education, and hospitality.

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Technical and Professional Studies

Technical and Professional Studies at PPSC is where you learn the technical hands-on skills to become a vital part of the workforce. You’ll keep engines running, HVAC systems purring, and electrical systems charged. Or bring your talents to the design world with computer aided drafting, interior design, and graphic design.

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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Unleash your creativity in a thriving artistic atmosphere. PPSC's Arts & Humanities Pathway begins with your passions and can take you to rewarding careers in theatre, dance, art, and music. You can also immerse yourself in other diverse subjects like sociology, history, psychology, and world languages in this pathway.

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Science, Engineering and Math

This pathway can take you beyond the classroom and into Colorado's natural landscapes with geology, astronomy, and outdoor leadership. If you prefer calculations, chemistry, and physics, you will seriously love our ultramodern labs that you’ll use to dive into all things science.

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Health Sciences

If helping and healing people are your passions, then you are on the right path. Our Center for Healthcare Education & Simulation enables you to experience medical scenarios in simulated hospital rooms, clinics, and ambulances and by using advanced mannequins. This will prepare you for real-world challenges in the spectrum of healthcare careers, all while honing your healing skills.

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