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Student Government Association

The Voice of Students

The Student Government Association is the official representative voice of the student body. We advocate on behalf of students to college staff, faculty, and administrators. 
Students standing in a row in front of the Downtown Studio Campus.

General Information

Our Mission

The Student Government Association at Pikes Peak State College is the official representative voice for our student body.  We seek to create an environment of growth and success through the guidance and development of character and by promoting change in favor of the student's interests, needs, and welfare.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are holding all meetings virtually. Please get in touch with an Advisor if you have a topic or concern you would like to discuss.  

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Student Government Association Advisors


Executive Board
  • President: Jalen Johnson
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Speaker of the Senate: TBD
  • Secretary/Treasurer: John Burmeister
  • PPSC's State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) Representative: Paul Jimenez, Jr
  • Diversity and Equity Senator: Iona Wooden
  • Downtown Studio Campus Senator: Brendon King
  • Events and Activities Senator: Tassai Pemberton
  • Military Connections Senator: Phillip Benoist 
  • Rampart Range Senator:  Jaslyn Buchanan
Students standing in the distance on the second floor of the atrium at the Rampart Range Campus.
Students sitting or standing in front of a sculpture at the Downtown Studio Campus.


What is a Student Government Association Committee? 

Student Government Association Committees are a way for us to tackle the biggest issues students face at the college in the most efficient way possible. Divvying up campus issues like club affairs, academic affairs, and events ensures that Student Government Association Officers can cast the broadest and most efficient net. 

Wellness & Sustainability

The Wellness and Sustainability Committee develops programming and initiatives supporting wellness ideas and promoting sustainable living. In collaboration with other offices on campus, including the Office of Sustainability, the Counseling Center, and the Office of Recreation & Wellness. The Non-Traditional Senator chairs this committee. 

Public and Community Relations

The Public and Community Relations Committee is responsible for promoting good relations between the Student Government Association and the PPSC community and managing social media. This committee will take an active role in branding the Student Government Association and promoting the Association and Student Life's events to the student body and community. The Public Relations Senator chairs this committee. 

Student Relations & Success

The Student Relations & Success Committee is responsible for addressing the student body's concerns at PPSC. This committee handles issues ranging from campus life, facilities, student safety, auxiliary services, student services, academic and non-academic classroom problems. This committee takes concerns directly from the student body and works as a team to find effective and long-term solutions. The Downtown Campus Senator chairs this committee. 

Events & Activities

The Events & Activities Committee is responsible for promoting, planning, and executing events and activities for the benefit of the PPSC student community, on behalf of the Student Government Association. This committee also aids in creating school spirit among the student body through events, programs, and initiatives. The Events and Activities Senator and Speaker of the Senate co-chair this committee.  

Student Outreach & Inclusion

The Student Outreach & Inclusion Committee is responsible for hearing and making recommendations to the Student Government Association on actions to address the needs of underrepresented students. They work with diverse populations, student organizations, college departments, and the administration to champion the needs of underrepresented students. The Diversity and Equity Senator chair's this committee.

Inter-Club Council Board

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) consists of the Student Government Association Vice President, Treasurer, Club Affairs Senator, Downtown Campus Senator, and Rampart Range Senator. This board is responsible for monitoring the activities of all student clubs and provides an atmosphere where leaders can join other leaders in gaining new and helpful information. This committee meets bi-weekly. 

Budget Board

The Budget Board consists of Student Government Association Treasurer, President, and the Advisor for Finance & Clubs. This board researches, reports, and makes recommendations to the Student Government Association regarding funding, budgets, financial or budget-related bills, and issues relating to student finances. This committee meets weekly or as needed.

State Student Advisory Council

What is the State Student Advisory Council?

The State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) is comprised of student representatives from each of the 13 community colleges in the Colorado Community College System. They act as liaisons between students, the board of education, and congressional lawmakers. 

How does SSAC benefit students?

SSAC benefits students by allowing a direct pipeline through their representatives to voice their concerns and opinions to those that make policies that affect them. 

How does SSAC differ from the Student Government Association?

SSAC and the Student Government Association work together to better the community college as a whole and advocate for students. However, SSAC takes some of the college-level issues and takes them to a government level. Our SSAC, as well as many past SSAC reps, worked hard to make sure that these issues are heard.

How do I contact Pikes Peak State College's SSAC Representative?

PPSC's SSAC representative is active on campus and through the Student Government Association. You can contact our current representative via email to voice any concerns that you may have, or visit the SSAC website linked below. 

Current SSAC Representative

You can contact PPSC's SSAC Representative, Jalen Johnson, by email at Jalen.Johnson@pikespeak.edu.

For more information, visit the State Student Advisory Council website.
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