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ASSET Students

Financial Aid and ASSET

Learn more about your eligibility to receive reduced tuition cost under ASSET below, or review these resources for more information on ASSET and financial aid.
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ASSET Students

You may be eligible for a reduced cost of attendance under Colorado's Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) program.

If you qualify for ASSET, you are eligible to receive in-state tuition as well as access to Colorado state grants through the CASFA (Colorado Application for State Financial Aid), and the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend. 

Learn more about the ASSET requirements and your next steps below.  
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ASSET Qualifications

You are eligible for ASSET if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduate from a public or private Colorado high school (or homeschool) after attending for at least one year or obtain your GED after living in Colorado for at least one year.
  2. Get admitted to a Colorado institution of higher education or attend a reciprocal program. 
Students who graduated from a Colorado high school or completed a GED prior to 2012 may still qualify for ASSET. Please email the PPSC Records department to see if you qualify.

Your Next Steps

If you meet the ASSET eligibility requirements above, submit the following documentation to PPSC:

  1. Your high school transcripts.

  2. To receive the COF (Colorado Opportunity Fund) stipend, submit an affidavit stating that you have applied for lawful presence or will apply as soon as you are eligible to do so. This is a one-time affidavit on the COF website. If you did not complete this when you created your COF account, complete the paper application and include it in your submission to PPSC. 

    If you are a DACA student, you do not need to submit a COF affidavit. Instead, submit a copy or photo of your work authorization card.

  3. Your 10-Digit State Assigned Student Identifier (SASID) number. You can usually find this at the top of your high school transcript or get it from your high school counselor. Homeschooled students may obtain their SASID number from their district. 

  4. To be eligible to receive Colorado student aid, submit the Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA)

Submit your high school transcripts, COF affidavit or work authorization card, and SASID number in an email to records@pikespeak.edu with the subject line "ASSET Qualification"

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More Resources

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The Open Scholarship

The Open Scholarship (La Beca Abierta) funds PPSC students who face barriers to receiving financial aid or scholarships. Some of those barriers might be the inability to receive federal or state funding, lack of documentation, language, or registration only in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

Apply for the Open Scholarship
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Resources for Undocumented Students

PPSC is an open-door institution. View our undocumented students resources page for more scholarship opportunities, resources on immigration status, information for undocumented and DACA students and more!

Undocumented Student Resources
PPSC Recruiter Janae Knipp


If you would like more information on ASSET or DACA, contact PPSC Bilingual Recruiter Janae Knipp. 
Office: 719-502-2453
WhatsApp: 719-505-3172


If you have questions about financial aid eligibility, email the PPSC Financial Aid Office or call 719-502-3000.