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Admitted Students

Admitted Students

Schedule an appointment to connect with an admissions counselor today. They will help you prepare for the semester and create a plan based on your goals for classes and paying for college.

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Are you a newly admitted student? Schedule an appointment to connect with an admissions counselor today. They will help you prepare for the semester and create a plan based on your goals for classes and paying for college.

Meet Our Admissions Counselors

PPSC Admissions Counselor Emily Acevedo

¡Hablo español! My family and I moved to Colorado 13 years ago and have felt at home ever since. My family and I enjoy watching movies, singing random songs, fishing, and barbecuing whenever we can! My advice for students is that you can do it! No matter where you are in life, at PPSC we are here to help you succeed! Ask many questions and take advantage of every resource you have at your disposal.

PPSC Admissions Counselor Jessi Allen-Lutz

I'm from Laguna Hills, California but I received my B.A. from UCCS in Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language. I love being able to help students reach their goals and navigate the crazy world of college. Outside of work, my passions are traveling the world, exploring new cultures, and eating exotic cuisines! My favorite hobbies are going to the movie theatre, playing Overwatch, Dungeons and Dragons, or hanging with my dog and guinea pig.

PPSC Admissions Counselor Shannan Craine

I am a proud PPSC graduate and transfer student, receiving my B.A. in Anthropology, and Minor in Museum Studies from UCCS. I love museums, art, music, and cooking, but my favorite hobby is hiking in the Rocky Mountains with all my wonderful dogs. I am grateful to make connections and help students succeed in their academic endeavors and professional goals.

PPSC Arnie Badge

As a former Air Force military dependent, I grew up abroad in Europe. I am a graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology, and obtained a Master’s in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. I recently relocated from Oregon to Colorado, and love living in the mountains! My hobbies include playing the piano, experiencing a variety of RPG games (online and in person) and writing books and poetry!

PPSC Admissions Counselor Erica Fuller

I am a Colorado Springs native that graduated from Wasson High School - a long time ago. I have an AAS in computer info systems, and am currently working on an AA here at PPSC. I have a love for helping people in need, and enjoy seeing the people I help be successful. I love comedy, music, dance, and Disney World! My advice to students is do what you love and love what you do; the rest is history.

PPSC Admissions Counselor Brianna Knope

I might be the youngest on the team, but you don't have to be old to be wise! Formerly, I worked/ volunteered in the criminal justice system in different roles: probation officer, victim advocate, social worker, etc. With this position, I made the switch to working in higher education, and haven't looked back since! My advice is to take one class outside of your comfort zone while you're here, whether it be a language or an art course. Your undergrad degree is the time to learn as many new things as you can!

PPSC Admissions Counselor Graham Maxwell

I am a proud PPSC alumni, and I got my Bachelors at UCCS. I have lived in Colorado Springs for 8 years now. I am originally from Fort Morgan, CO which is known for having the last running Sugar Beet processing plant in the state. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to the movies, playing Xbox, and I am in a Fantasy Football League that just celebrated our 11th season together.

PPSC Admissions Counselor Sandra Root

I grew up as an Air Force dependent in Asia and Europe. Because of my parents, I understand the importance of an education and a job that brings joy by helping others. I use to work in the Records Office at PPSC. When not at work, I enjoy Colorado hot springs and walking trails. My favorite thing about PPSC is that we offer a variety of degrees at an affordable price that is inclusive to anyone.

PPSC Admissions Counselor Katrina Schwank

I earned a B.A. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado Mesa University. I love art, history, and music. It means a lot to me to help students on their journey to achieving their personal, career, and educational goals. My helpful tip for students is that your student ID can get you discounts at a lot of different places!

PPSC Admissions Counselor Sarah Schmidt

I grew up in a small town in Eastern Colorado. During high school I participated in the AVP program with Pikes Peak State College. Afterwards, I attended Colorado State University - Fort Collins where I obtained a bachelor's degree of science in psychology. In my free time I love to spend time with my significant other and go hiking with my two dogs. My advice to student is to ask questions! College is the place where you go to learn and discover new things!

PPSC Student Studying

Review your admissions checklist based on your student type.

Find your path whether you are a new student, returning to Pikes Peak, transferring to Pikes Peak, Military & Veteran affiliated, undocumented/DACA student, earning credit while in high school, visiting for the summer, taking a personal interest class, or an international student.