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Concurrent Enrollment

How do I start

Concurrent Enrollment is a way to jump-start your college education while you are still in high school. Whether you are taking those college classes on your high school campus or coming to a PPSC campus, your college journey starts here.
Download the Concurrent Enrollment ChecklistPaying out of Pocket? Download the Self-Pay Checklist

Concurrent Enrollment High Schools

Below is a list of our active high school partners. If your school is not listed below, feel free to email the High School Programs office for additional options. 


Schools We Partner With:

Next Steps

Schools We Partner With:

  • Academy School District 20
    • Academy Online
    • Aspen Valley High School
    • Air Academy High School
    • Discovery Canyon Campus
    • Homeschool Academy
    • Liberty High School
    • Pine Creek High School
    • Rampart High School
  • Atlas Prep
  • Banning Lewis Ranch Academy
  • Calhan High School
    • Colorado Preparatory Academy
    • Pike Peak Online School
  • Cheyenne Mountain District 12
    • Cheyenne Mountain High School
    • Vanguard School (Charter)
  • CIVA Charter School
  • Community Prep
  • Colorado Early Colleges - Colorado Springs
  • Cripple Creek-Victor
  • Colorado Military Academy
  • Colorado Springs School District 11
    • Achieve K12 Online
    • Digital High School
    • Bijou School
    • Career Pathways
    • Coronado High School
    • Doherty High School
    • Odyssey Early College
    • Mitchell High School
    • William J. Palmer High School
    • Tesla Education Opportunity School
  • Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
  • EastLake High School
  • Edison & Edison Prep
  • Ellicott High School
  • Falcon School District 49
    • Falcon High School
    • Springs Studio for Academic Excellence 
    • Sand Creek High School
    • Patriot High School
    • Vista Ridge High School
    • Pikes Peak Early College
    • Falcon Home School
  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8
    • Fountain-Fort Carson High School
    • Welte Education Center
  • GOAL Academy
  • Hanover Junior-Senior High School
  • Harrison School District 2
    • Harrison High School
    • Sierra High School
    • Career Readiness Academy
    • Thrive Home School Academy 
  • Home School Programs
  • James Irwin Carter
    • James Irwin Carter High School
  • Lewis-Palmer School District 38
    • Lewis-Palmer High School
    • Palmer Ridge
  • Manitou Springs School District 14
    • Manitou Springs High School
  • Miami-Yoder High School
  • Monument Academy
  • Out of Area Partners
  • Peyton High School & Peyton College Academy
  • Power Technical Early College (PTEC)
  • Simla (Big Sandy)
  • The Classical Academy
  • TCA College Pathways
  • Widefield School District 3
    • Discovery High School
    • Mesa Ridge High School
    • Widefield High School
  • Woodland Park High School

Next Steps

Download the Concurrent Enrollment Checklist to guide you through this process. 

Paying out of pocket? Download the Self-Pay Checklist to guide you through this process.

How to Register for Courses through Student Portal: Printable Guide | Video Guides

Forms you may need:

Student Payment Agreement

Under 17 Form

Ready to schedule an advising appointment? 

Already a PPSC student? Use Navigate to schedule an appointment with Kourtney Goya.

Not yet a PPSC student? Send me an email or give me a call at 719-502-3157. 

CE Student Orientation Information

Video resources and general orientation information can be found here.




ASCENT (Accelerating Students through Concurrent ENrollmenT) ASCENT is Concurrent Enrollment extended into the 5th year of high school sponsorship, providing graduating seniors tuition assistance with one extra year of free college-level coursework.  

** All ASCENT applicants should also complete their FAFSA and apply to their program/colleges of choice. If students qualify for financial aid from their program/schools of choice that exceeds ASCENT tuition, students should accept financial aid, which might include textbooks, and forfeit their ASCENT slots to students on the ASCENT waitlist.

For more information about ASCENT, visit Colorado Department of Education website.

Student Eligibility:

  • On track to graduate at end of 12th grade year (meets High School graduation requirements) 

  • Must have 9 transcripted college-level credits (100 level+) by graduation

    • § Includes articulated CTE college credits and AP tests scores of 3-5 §

      • Does not include remedial courses credits, IB, or CLEP  

  • Selected by High School Principal or Counselor  

  • Must have an updated Pathway Plan (ICAP)  

  • Must select a post-secondary degree or certification program  

  • Satisfy minimum college prerequisites for ASCENT courses (no remedial courses)  

  • Must not be in need of college-level remediation coursework for their degree program  

  • Retained 5th year seniors do not qualify  

  • No prior ASCENT participation (1year limit) 

  • § Includes articulated CTE college credits and AP tests scores of 3-5 §

  • Does not include remedial courses credits, IB, or CLEP  

  • Does not include remedial courses credits, IB, or CLEP  

  • Earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously
  • Save money by having your school district pay for part of your college education
  • Get started earning a degree
  • Take courses guaranteed to transfer to public 4-year institutions in Colorado 

It starts as a conversation with your high school counselor or a PPSC academic advisor in the High School Programs office. 719-502-3111​​ or hsp@pikespeak.edu

Concurrent Enrollment classes can be taken on any PPSC campus. Many school districts offer PPSC concurrent enrollment classes at their high schools. Contact your counselor for more information.  

Plan to attend orientation.

Please review your detailed student schedule for important dates such as drop and withdraw dates.

If you have questions or concerns, call the High School Programs Office at 719-502-3111.