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Information for District Partners

Counselor Corner

Here you will find a variety of resources, documents, and helpful links related to each of the programs High School Programs offers.
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Welcome District Partners!

We are excited to partner with you! Below you will find resources for each program with the High School Programs office. Please reach out to the High School Programs office with any questions you may have.

Career Start

Career Start inspires high school students to start exploring career and technical education opportunities, gain knowledge and skills toward career goals all while earning college credits and certificates.

Prospective Career Start students must complete the online PPSC application and the Career Start application. Please make sure they have all information filled out properly and all signatures completed. If either application is missing information, there will be a delay in enrollment! Please discuss the Attendance Guidelines and Code of Conduct, shown below, with prospective students prior to registration.

Attendance is crucial for the students to succeed in Career Start, just as it is crucial for adults in the workplace. The following Career Start guidelines will be strictly enforced: Career Start students are expected to attend every day of the Career Start calendar. Only five absences per semester will be excused. Excessive tardiness figures into each students’ absence count. Being tardy four times per semester is the equivalent of one unexcused absence. On the sixth absence, a student may be dropped from the Career Start program. If a school district is closed or on a two-hour delay due to weather, Career Start students and their families should use their best judgment to determine if their child should attend Career Start that day. Students should check D2L (DESIRE 2 LEARN) for messages from Career Start instructors. Weather-related absences will be excused for program purposes but may have a negative effect on a student’s grades if work is missed and not made up. Excused absences are those that are school-related. Examples of excused school-related absences are: state-mandated testing, athletics, college visits, school service days. Teacher workdays and parent-teacher conference days are not excused school-related absences. Questions about school-related absences should be directed to students’ high school Career Start counselor. Only the high school Career Start counselor may call Pikes Peak State College High School Programs to authorize a school-related absence. Illnesses are not considered an excused absence. Parents/guardians should not contact PPSC High School Programs to excuse a child's absence.

Inclement Weather Policy If a student’s school district is on delay: NO Career Start for that student. If a student’s school district is closed: NO Career Start for that student. If PPSC is on a 2-hour delay: NO Career Start. If PPSC is closed: NO Career Start.

Career Start Page

Career Start Forms

Career Start Flyer Attendance and Code of Conduct
Career Start Entry Level Competencies (Updated Feb 2020) Career Start Calendar


Career Start FAQ

Determining what specific credit is earned through Career Start varies from high school to high school. However, the academic credit guidelines were created by curriculum specialists and counselors for this specific purpose.

Many schools have their own application that needs to be completed. In addition to that, students will need to fill out the PPSC Online Application and the Career Start Applications.

Look at each program's descriptions and review the student's interest and abilities. Each program description explains what types of skills, interests, and possible careers that tie to that program. Discuss with your student their top Career Start choices and how they fit in with their educational and occupational goals. We encourage you to send Career Start candidates to an Career Start student visit day. During the visit, they'll get a chance to meet the instructor(s), review the curriculum, and get a glimpse of what the program can offer them. Also, it's a great chance for you to ask the instructor(s) and our High School Programs team as to the fit of your students.

Depending on the program, students have the opportunity to earn anywhere from 10 to 25 credit hours a year! The amount varies each year on how quickly and competently students pass through the curriculum. However, how much credit earned is dependent on the student. A certain grade and performance level is necessary for college credit. 

Check with the four-year colleges and universities to which your students may apply. The credit would be earned under Pikes Peak State College and many in-state schools have transfer agreements for our courses.

Dropping a course can impact students' participation in the program's remaining coursework and high school credit.  If considering a course drop, students should meet with their counselor and connect the the PPSC High School Programs office.  Each course has specific timelines for dropping and withdrawing from course which effect transcripts and costs.  If a student fully leaves Career Start, timing is a critical factor.  Please connect with the High School Programs team to determine how your students' departure impacts transcripts, course expenses, and contracted costs.

If a student is on the wait list for their first choice, that particular program has reached full capacity. Capacity is determined by room size, safety issues, and equipment availability. Students on a wait list for their first choice will be placed in their second choice if it is available. Students will be contacted by the High School Programs office if a seat becomes available in their first choice.

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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a great opportunity for students to earn college credits that apply to Pikes Peak degrees and certificates with the potential to transfer to a four-year institution. Whether they are taking those college classes on your high school campus or coming to a PPSC campus, their college journey starts here.

Prospective students are encouraged to meet with their high school counselor to discuss eligibility, high school deadlines, and recommended courses. New students will need to fill out the PPSC application.

The High School Programs office created a step-by-step guide to help your students through the concurrent enrollment process. Check out the concurrent enrollment checklist to get started.

Check out the Concurrent Enrollment Page for an overview of Concurrent Enrollment.

Concurrent Enrollment Page

Concurrent Enrollment Resources

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Placement Options

There are a variety of options available for students needing to take a placement exam.

Accuplacer Placement testing is offered by appointment only at the Centennial and Rampart Range Campus. 

EdReady is a personalized, free, and self-placed learning system that is used to assess student's English and Math readiness fro Pikes Peak placement. You can complete EdReady on-line from the comfort of your home.

Students can use PSAT, SAT, ACT scores to place into courses depending on their scores. In some cases, high school English and Math courses may also be used.  Consult the Multiple Measures for more information.

Here are additional links and resources



Partner Resources

Sponsored Student List and College Course Rosters

Each semester the High School Programs office needs a list of all your financially sponsored students (including their dates of birth) to ensure proper college coding and to screen in advance for holds.

If you are hosting a PPSC course on your high school campus, High School Programs will need a roster for the college course for registration purposes. Download the student list and roster template for an easy, fillable form to send to High School Programs.

Deadlines for Sponsored Student List and College Course Rosters:

Spring Semester due by November 18

Fall Semester due by March 24

Summer Semester due by March 24 - indicate either by email or on the form if the student is sponsored for Summer


Student Payment Agreements / Concurrent Enrollment Agreements

Must be done each semester for each. This is not a payment plan, but a payment acknowledgment regardless of sponsorship. If we have an approved Concurrent Enrollment Agreement on file with your school district, we do not need a separate payment agreement from your student. If you would like High School Programs to review your school's or district's payment agreement to find out if PPSC can accept it, please send a blank copy to the High School Programs office.

Deadlines for Student Payment Agreements/ Concurrent Enrollment Agreements

Spring Semester due by February 1

Fall Semester due by September 1

Summer Semester due by June 1

Sponsored Barnes and Noble Textbook Purchases

Must be done each semester for each sponsored student's book purchases. Download the Barnes and Noble Textbook template for an easy-to-fill form that can be sent to the Barnes and Noble bookstore with a list of your sponsored students. If you are purchasing books on your student's behalf, please use the "Bulk Orders" tab on the same template. Send completed lists to Jessica at Barnes and Noble.

Deadlines for Sponsored Textbook Purchases

Spring Semester due by December 2 to Barnes and Noble

Fall Semester due by TBD

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Additional Links and Resources

Application Tips and Tricks

New students must create their own account to submit their application. Do not submit an application under another person's application account.

If you are helping your student apply, please be sure to create an application account for the student.

If using another person's computer to complete the admission application, please check that "Auto-Fill" is turned off to ensure you input your correct information. 

Select the earliest semester your student would like to attend. If your students decide later that they would like to attend an earlier semester, they must complete a new application. 

If your student has attended classes or applied within the past calendar year, your student is considered an active student and does not need to reapply. 

If you or your student get stuck with the application, view the troubleshooting and frequently asked questions document. If you need assistance completing the application, connect with a Pikes Peak State Recruiter. 

Registration Guide- for Navigate

Students can register for PPSC courses via Navigate in their student portal. There are a few step-by-step guides are that are available to help guide students through this process. 

 Below is a chart on the various delivery methods your student may register for and what the tuition cost will be billed at. 

Delivery Method  Notes  Tuition Cost
Room Location In-person: Student attends class in-person as scheduled Face-to-face Tuition Rate
Virtual Remote Remote Synchronous: Student must login to class on the scheduled day and time each week Face-to-face Tuition Rate
H Section Hybrid: Class meets half in-person during scheduled meeting time and day and the rest of the course is online Face-to-face Tuition Rate
Hyflex Student has the option to attend virtual synchronously or in-person at the scheduled meeting day and time Face-to-face Tuition Rate
N or C Section
PPSC Online or CCCOnline
Online only section Online Tuition Rate




Accessibility Services

The student must self-identify to the ACCESSibility Services Office and they will be primarily responsible for self-advocacy and arranging accommodation for their college courses. Students will need to meet with the Accessibility office each semester. For more information about Accessibility Services, visit their website.

Tutoring, Library, and Student ID

PPSC offers a variety of resources for students' success while they are enrolled in classes. Students can visit the Learning Commons for information on the library and tutoring services. Student Life hosts various clubs and activities for students to participate in as well as the opportunity for students to get their PPSC student ID.

Change of Major

Students may declare and/or change a program of study at any time during the term in which they are enrolled. Before submitting the form below to the Enrollment Services Office, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the High School Programs Office to discuss the impact changing a course of study will have on an educational plan. 

Graduation and/or Certificate 

Students must apply for graduation to receive their degree/certificate even if they do not plan to participate in the commencement ceremony. Applications are due by:

July 15 for Summer Semester

November 15 for Fall Semester

March 15 for Spring Semester

FERPA Release Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records. Generally, Colleges must have written permission from a student to release information from their educational records; however, there are exceptions that permit Colleges to release information without a student’s consent. For more information, visit the FERPA website.



Concurrent Enrollment Forms and Links




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Degree Start

Degree Start is a pilot program for rising junior and senior high school students majoring in a liberal arts field. Students interested in Degree Start should test at the college-ready level. Classes will be in person in traditional sections on the Centennial Campus from 9-11:40 a.m., Monday - Friday. 

Prospective Degree Start students will need to meet with their high school counselor to discuss if Degree Start is a good option for them. New students must complete the online PPSC application.

Check out the Degree Start FAQs for any questions you may have about this pilot program. Still have questions? Send us an email.

High School Articulation Forms



Pivot Dropout Recovery is an opportunity for students between the ages of 16-20 who have disengaged from their high school to earn a high school diploma while earning college credits.

Prospective Pivot students meet with the Pivot Coordinator and Janet Avion for an interview to determine if Pivot is the best fit for them. 

There are three criteria for identifying the ideal candidate:

  • A student who expresses the desire to complete a high school diploma (rather than an equivalency diploma).
  • A student who is at least 16 and who has the potential to earn enough high school credits to fulfill graduation requirements by 21 years of age.
  • A student who has expressed some interest in post-secondary education or training.

Students taking part in Pivot need to be re-enrolled through a district program or school so that they may continue to add credits to a high school transcript. A school counselor supports the Pivot Success Coach with the development of a student success plan. Pivot students spend 100% of their school time on the college campus.

PIVOT Graduate