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Degree Start

Welcome to Degree Start

Degree Start applications for the spring semester will open on November 18th!
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Classes for Degree Start have been predetermined and cannot be substituted. At the end of the first year, students have the opportunity to earn 19 college credits. The predetermined classes for this first pilot year include:


Year One   Year Two
GEY1111 Physical Geology with Lab  4 CREDITS   HIS2110 African American History 3 CREDITS
ENG1021 English Composition I  3 CREDITS   MAT1240 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts 4 CREDITS
PHI1011 Introduction to Philosophy  3 CREDITS   ART1110 Art Appreciation 3 CREDITS
ENG1022 English Composition II  3 CREDITS   COM1250 Interpersonal Communication 3 CREDITS
SOC1001 Introduction to Sociology  3 CREDITS   ANT1001 Cultural Anthropology 3 CREDITS
ENV1010 Natural Disasters  3 CREDITS   Elective    3 CREDITS



Students interested in Degree Start should test at the college ready level. Check the prerequisite list below to determine eligibility for college readiness. 

Placement Option for ENG 1021


Accuplacer Writing





**Both scores are required to qualify

Reading: 17

English: 18


Multiple Measures

Grade of “B” or higher in both semesters or all quarters of 11th Grade/Junior English

EdReady - pikespeak.edready.org




Placement Option for MAT 1240, 1260, 1220


Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS)




ACT 19

Multiple Measures

Grade of “B” or higher in both semesters or all quarters of Algebra II or higher

EdReady - pikespeak.edready.org



Yes, all of the Degree Start courses are on the Guaranteed Transfer list for AA transfer degrees. Check with the institution your student is interested in transferring to, to determine exact transferability.

Determining what specific credit is earned through Degree Start varies from high school to high school. Check with your counselor to determine the exact high school credit that will be granted.


  • Talk with your high school counselor to determine if this is the best fit for you.
  • Complete the PPSC application to receive a student ID number (S#) and email High School Programs your unofficial high school transcript, test scores, and/or score reports.


Once determined eligible by the counselor or district, students will need to fill out the Degree Start application and will be entered into a lottery. The application for Degree Start will open November 18th and the lottery drawing will be on December 2nd at 10am. There are 12 spots available and after all spots are filled students will be placed on a waitlist.


The High School Programs team will notify students and their families about placement on December 2nd, via email, based on the lottery drawing and eligibility list received from counselors and districts. Students will need to fill out their enrollment packet by December 9th with the High School Programs office, 719-502-3111 or hsp@pikespeak.edu, to finalize their spot.

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