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Special Circumstances

Scheduling an appointment.

Do you have a unique circumstance that requires meeting with a financial aid advisor? 

Schedule a meeting today via Navigate.


Has something changed since completing the FAFSA?

The FAFSA application requires students and parents to provide income from two year's prior not taking into consideration circumstaces that could impact the ability to pay. 

Here at PPSC we understand that circumstances may change from year to year, our advisors can meet with students one-on-one to review their circumstance to determine any eligibility changes. 

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Professional Judgement

Households can experience a change in finances that do not reflect the financial information used to complete the FAFSA. When this occurs, it is possible for the financial aid office to re-evaluate a student's eligibility based on current circumstances. 

You will need to follow-up with a financial aid advisor at PPSC to discuss your special circumstance.  

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Legal Guardianship

When you filed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you reported that you are in legal guardianship. Before we can determine your eligibility for financial aid, you must document your legal guardianship status. This can be done by:

  • Providing a copy of a court’s decision that as of today you are in legal guardianship,


  • Providing a copy of a court’s decision that you were in legal guardianship before you reached the age of being an adult (majority) in your state.

A legal guardianship is a formal decision by a judge that suspends parents’ custody of their child and gives custody to a non-parent. Persons that courts appoint as guardians vary by state.

The court must be located in your state of legal residence at the time the court’s decision was issued and you must be in legal guardianship immediately before you reach the age of being an adult in your state.

Documentation of your legal guardianship status must be provided before we can continue processing your application for financial assistance.