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Officer Application and Officer Duties

Officer Position Application Requirements

Each position has specific duties to fulfill in order for any chapter activity, project, or event to occur. Members are elected to an officer position by the membership at a general meeting. Members interested in becoming an officer must complete these steps in order for an election to be called:

  1. Fill out the Chapter Officer Application
  2. Read Chapter: Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy
  3. Write a one-page Personal Leadership Philosophy.

Duties of Chapter Officers

  1. Drives the Society and Chapter missions and goals. 
  2. Develop and implement Five Star Chapter Development goals in concert with the advisor(s) and other Executive Committee members. 
  3. Preside over Executive Committee and General Membership meetings. 
  4. Appoint and establish any necessary committees and serves as an ex-officio member on all committees. 
  5. Appoint a committee to review and/or revise the Chapter by-laws annually or as needed. 
  6. Culls Officer’s Reports. 
  7. Oversee chapter projects and award entries. 
  8. Represent the organization at all times.

  1. Works with the Chapter President to drive the Five Star Chapter Program and delegates responsibilities as needed. 
  2. Performs all duties of the President in the event of his or her absence. 
  3. Acts as a liaison between the Chapter and the Student Government and attend PPSC Student Government meetings. 
  4. Represents the organization at all times. 

  1. Chairs the Honors in Action (HiA) committee; implements and oversees all HiA activities. 
  2. Coordinates all research activities relevant to HiA; works with Reference Librarians and Assessment to adhere to a proper research process. 
  3. Works directly with the V.P. of Scholarship on service or advocacy related projects to fulfill the research-informed action. 
  4. Writes and/or oversees designated writers for the HiA Hallmark Award entry; works with a faculty review committee to ensure the writing process is being followed. 
  5. Working with advisor(s), acts as liaison with college staff and community organizations when planning and executing scholarship projects. 
  6. Represents the organization at all times. 

  1. Initiates, develops, and oversees fundraising activities. 
  2. Works with advisors to maintain an accurate ledger; reports the Chapter funds and   account status on a monthly basis. 
  3.   Reports any financial activity from the last meeting to date. 
  4.  Maintains cash box during all fundraisers and submit funds to advisor at activity’s close. 
  5.  Establish annual budget with advisors. 
  6.   Presents purchase requests to the chapter for discussion and voting. 
  7.  Submits approved chapter purchase requests to the Chapter Advisor(s) for processing. 
  8.  Represents the organization at all times.

  1. Works with the Executive team; shall be responsible for preparing the agenda for each Officer and GM meeting. 
  2. Records and maintains minutes of all official meetings; ensures that minutes are posted 5 days after chapter meeting. 
  3.  Collects and maintains archive of all chapter journals, activities, and projects. 
  4.  Compiles and updates contact information of officers and participating students and members. 
  5.  Represents the organization at all times.

  1. Initiates, develops and oversees activities that promote volunteerism and community service. 
  2. Works with the Honors in Action committee to implement the resulting advocacy or service project. 
  3. Working with an advisor(s), acts as liaison with college staff and community organizations when planning and executing service projects. 
  4. Represent the organization at all times.

  1.  Initiates develop and oversees activities that promote the participation of members with chapter projects or programs; coordinates with the V.P. of Membership. 
  2.  Works with the V.P. of Finance to ensure that fellowship activities are budget conscious. 
  3.  Greets visitors at meetings and activities; records visitor contact information. 
  4.  Represent the organization at all times.

  1. Works with the Student Life, Student Government, and Marketing Department at Pikes Peak State College to promote chapter and chapter activities. 
  2.  Communicate through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram chapter activities; helps to inform the chapter on proper social media etiquette. 
  3. Works with advisors to help maintain a website, newsletter, or Word Press page. 
  4.  Represent the organization at all times.

  1. Coordinates with the V.P. of Fellowship at the respective campuses; overseas membership campaigns, to include, but not limited to, orientations, information tables, and/or other activities. 
  2.  Helps officers and members to enroll and participate in CollegeFish.org. 
  3. Seeks to recruit officers. 
  4.  Represent the organization at all times.
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