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Computer Networking

Computer Networking

Degree Type: Associate of Applied Science Degree, AAS, Certificate, CER, Industry Certification

Pathway: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

More Options: Classroom Based, Remote Real-Time, Hyflex, Online, Hybrid

Program Length: 4 Semesters

Location: Centennial, Rampart Range

Transferability: Transferable

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Why Choose Computer Networking at PPSC

PPSC's Computer Networking program will provide you with the tools to maintain and troubleshoot computer hardware and networks. These networks are the backbone of every major platform - Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Uber and others - so these skills are, and will continue to be, in high demand.

What Kind Of Salary Can You Expect?

Computer Network Support Specialists

O*NET OnLine

Computer Network Architects

O*NET OnLine

Job Growth


Opportunities for Computer Network Support Specialists are expected to grow through 2028.

O*NET OnLine

Job Growth


Opportunities for Computer Network Support Specialists are expected to grow through 2028.

O*NET OnLine

Computer Networking Classes You Might Take

Here are a few of the classes that could lead to your degree or certificate:

class 1

Introduces basic computer terminology, file management, and PC system components. Provides an overview of office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics. Includes the use of a web browser to access the Internet.

class 2

Introduces students to current technologies. Special focus on ensuring students become technologically competent and computer literate. Emphasis is placed on technology fundamentals and terminology through the evaluation of hardware and software. Provides students with a working knowledge of operating system use, file management and security. Introduces the internet as a research and communication tool. Application software is covered to ensure the fundamental computer skills for personal, academic and business use are obtained.

class 3

Delivers a comprehensive overview of network security, including general security concepts. Communication Security is studied, including remote access, e-mail, the Web, directory and file transfer, and wireless data. Common network attacks are introduced. Cryptography basics are incorporated, and operational/organizational security is discussed as it relates to physical security, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Computer forensics is introduced.

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Learning Outcomes

In Colorado, there are entry-level job opportunities for this fast-growing career field.

Common careers pursued by PPSC graduates are:

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Security Specialist 
  • Data Security Administrator 
  • Technology Security 
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1st semester plan

math & english requirements

1st semester plan

math & english requirements

Voices of PPSC

Dr. Regina Lewis

Voices of PPSC

Most of the people who work here, they don’t leave here. They retire from here. That says a lot about the school itself. It’s fantastic.

Dr. Regina Lewis
PPSC Communications Department

Computer Networking Faculty Contact

April Frost 
Centennial Campus F300

Advising Team

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