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Syllabus Resources

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Syllabus Resources

General Syllabus Guidelines

Pikes Peak State College has developed a college-wide syllabus template to provide students with a clear path for success. Based on student feedback, college support and state directives, a syllabus task force developed an accessible syllabus template composed of three components:

Course Syllabus - class information students need to be successful in the immediate course such as contact information, assignments, and grading policies.

Master Course Syllabus - state determined learning outcomes for each course, and can be found on the PPSC’s Master Course Syllabus page

The Institutional Syllabus - Pikes Peak policies and information that apply to all PPSC courses


Learn How to Save Time & Find Answers in a Class Syllabus

Learn about the course syllabus. You'll get one for each of your classes and they contain contains ESSENTIAL class information students need to be successful in a course such as instructor policies, expectations for students and instructors, instructor contact information, assignments, due dates and deadlines, and grading policies.

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All instructional syllabi at Pikes Peak State College must meet institutional standards for accuracy and content. Standard information includes such items as:

PPSC courses are required to include the Master Course Syllabi (MCS) which contain the state determined course learning outcomes. Departments will provide new instructors with already created MCS for most courses.

The linking convention for MCS (Master Course Syllabus) is as follows:


Examples include:




*If you experience issues linking your course MCS, contact your department chair or academic division administrators.  

The Institutional Syllabus lists academic guidelines applicable to all PPSC courses. 

Topics outlined in the Institutional syllabus include:

  • Academic Honesty, Plagiarism and Student Conduct
  • Accreditation
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements
  • Assessment
  • Classroom Attendance Policy
  • Course Evaluation
  • Grading
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Linking to the Institutional Syllabus

Instructors are encouraged to link to the Institutional Syllabus, creating direct links in digital syllabi and or using the following URL:


Pikes Peak State College's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) works to maintain up-to-date and relevant resources and guides for instructors. You can find the Faculty Resource Guide  linked in the upper side box of the Faculty Resources Page
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