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Instructional Services maintains and reviews Educational Procedures and other academic documents.
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Educational Procedures

What are Educational Procedures?

Educational Procedures (EP's) are official college policies directly related to instruction. Developed by faculty and staff under the supervision of the Vice President of Instruction, EP's are developed, reviewed, and approved by faculty and administrators so as to provide process guidance and regulations for instruction at PPSC. 

Current Educational Procedures

EP's are listed in numerical order below and can be searched using the search bar (by number or by title/key words). They are posted as fully approved EP's after review and adoption by PPSC faculty and administrators. Full list, in a PDF document format.

Past Educational Procedures

If interested in reviewing a specific prior version of an Educational Procedure, please contact EP Committee co-chair Benjy.Davies@pikespeak.edu  

Board Policies & System Office Policies

As Colorado Community College System (CCCS) institution, PPSC also adheres to state governing board (SB) policies, as well as system president, polices (SP). All SB and SP information can be found on the CCCS official policies website.

Faculty Resource Guide

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) maintains the faculty resource guide to assist new and established faculty members with academic policies and processes at PPSC. The CETL SharePoint site is a one-stop-shop for everything related to teaching and learning at Pikes Peak State College! Use the site to stay up to date with CETL news, teaching ideas, assessement of teaching and learning, program updates, calendar of events, and much more.

Instructor Qualification Guide

The Instructor Qualification Guide aim to assist potential faculty members with academic qualifications at Pikes Peak State College.