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Faculty Resources

Resources & Information

Instructional Services maintains and reviews instructional guidelines for all PPSC course offerings and academic activities. The Faculty Handbook consists of Faculty Resource Guide and Educational Procedures.
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Educational Procedures

Educational Procedures at PPSC outline approved guidelines and rules for a variety of Academic processes. Requirements outlined in the various Educational Procedures serve as regulations and procedural guides. Educational Procedures (EPs) are reviewed and updated periodically at the direction of the Vice President of Instruction. Updated EPs and drafts are located in the Educational Procedures Directory.

Supplemental Instructional Documents

Separate from mandated Educational Procedures, other college departments maintain relevant forms and processes related to instructional Faculty and Staff.

  • Grants Office - Faculty Work Request & Approval for Grants, Awards, or Pilot Projects
  • 2021 Compensation Handbook
  • Disclosure of Outside Employment
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) - Notice of Non-Discrimination
  • Department Chair Reference Handbook
  • Special Project Request

Academic Employment

Instructional Services maintains detailed job descriptions and responsibilities for critical members of the PPSC administrative team. Faculty, Department Chairs, and Adjunct Instructors can review essential job requirements in Job descriptions are periodically reviewed and edited for both clarity and updating of essential job duties.

Faculty Resource Guide

PPSC's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) works to maintain up-to-date and relevant resources and guides for instructors.
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Syllabi Information

Course Syllabus Guidelines

All instructional syllabi at PPSC must meet institutional standards for accuracy and content.
  • Syllabi Redesign FAQ
  • Course Syllabus Checklist
  • Course Syllabus Template
  • Accessibility Tips
Master Course Syllabi

PPSC courses maintain Master Course Syllabi (MCS) which contain standard course information. The following templates outline MCS guidelines and information.

  • MCS Template for Guaranteed Transfer Courses
  • Step by Step Guide - How to Complete GT Course MCS
  • MCS Template for Non-Guaranteed Transfer Courses
  • Step by Step Guide - How to Complete Non-GT Course MCS
  • Content Criteria and Competencies for Guaranteed Transfer Courses
  • Lingo List - A Guide to Common Terms and Acronym

Institutional Syllabus

The Institutional Syllabus lists academic guidelines applicable to all PPSC courses.

Additional Information

  • Business and Public Services (BPS) 719-502-3300
  • Communication, Humanities, and Technical Studies (CHTS) 719-502-3200
  • Math and English (ME) 719-502-3600
  • Medical Services (MS) 719-502-3700
  • Natural and Physical Sciences (NPS) 719-502-3400