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Curriculum & Instructional Practices Committee (CIP)

The Curriculum and Instructional Practices Committee (CIP) is the faculty curriculum committee that serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President of Instruction. 

Welcome - Inclusion Statement

CIP meetings are open to faculty and staff. Faculty who have submitted course or program materials are strongly encouraged to attend. Other faculty and staff are also welcome. If a faculty or staff member wants to bring an issue before the CIP committee, prearrange to be placed on the agenda with the CIP Chairperson. 

Submission Details

Submissions must be made to CIP for approval of course and program design, revision, and deletion using the guidance of EP105.

Submission Checklist

The following checklist is to guide you through the steps of the CIP process.

Board Policy 9-40

Use the following tables to determine when your materials are due for your target meeting date.

Proposal Deadline

Information Ready for

Meeting Date

Must be approved by the Dean in routing by:

Review on Office 365






















PPSC Flow chart for creating/changing courses and programs

1.       Use the SFCC Style Guide to develop courses/programs

2.       Communication with your CIP division representatives early on for feedback

3.       Circulate the proposal through statewide discipline for approval (2:2 cohort)

4.       Get approval from SFCC Officers

5.       Fill out Appropriate CIP form

6.       Attend CIP meeting when your material is being reviewed

7.       Moves on to state approval by the SFCC

CIP Officers

You are encouraged to work with one of your CIP division officers while putting your materials together.

BPS Members

Dean Rob Hudson

Michelle Bender - CT

Sharon Bjorkman - LAS

CHTS Members

 CHTS Dean Fran Hetrick

Lynn Sim - CT

Kathy Sturdevant - LAS & Chairperson

HS Members

Dean Kristen Johnson

Melissa Serna  - CHES

Melissa Lema - LAS

ME Members

Dean Joseph Southcott

Jenna Benson - LAS & Vice Chairperson

Doug Roth - LAS