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Careers in Phlebotomy

Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will qualify to take the National Registry Board Exam for Registered Phlebotomy Technician (RPT). Students must be 18 years of age to register for HPR 1020 and HPR 2020. This certificate can be completed within one semester if coursework is completed as advised. Some credits from this program may be applied to the Medical Assistant AAS degree option. Credits may also be applied to the Allied Health, AAS.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to apply to the program to be accepted?

Yes. The application is located under useful links and on the opening page for phlebotomy. Questions should be directed to the Program Coordinator Melissa Serna at Melissa.Serna@pikespeak.edu.


What does HPR mean?

HPR is a discipline prefix designated from the state college system for Health Professional classes.

When students take the Medical Terminology class HPR 1039, they must take the PPCC online sections.

HPR 1039 MUST be taken in the students first semester.


Am I qualified for Financial Aid?

This program is financial aid approved. Only the Financial Aid Department  can help you with the answer of qualifications. You should meet with your financial aid adviser for assistance.


What if I have work experience in the medical field?

You should speak with a program adviser for potential application of work experience. The college does have a Prior Learning Assessment program, which may allow for the use of work experience or education that may directly apply to your program.


Are their additional fees for the program?

Yes, when you enroll in HPR 1010 & HPR 2020 you will be assessed a malpractice insurance fee.

For these classes you will also have to take and pass a criminal background check and drug screening which is a separate out of pocket costs.


What degree is available for phlebotomy students?

Currently PPCC does not have a degree program for phlebotomy students. 

Utilizing the following link you can find approved programs for MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician & MT (Medical Technologist): 


Do I have to complete any prerequisite courses?

The HPR 1020 class has a prerequisite course of ENG 0094 or the Accuplacer reading comprehension and sentences skills through the testing center.

Students who do not test out of ENG 0094 must take the class before being able to register for the HPR 1020 phlebotomy course. Students will also have to take AAA 1009 Advancing Academic Achievement.

HPR 1020 Phlebotomy must be successfully completed before a student can enroll in HPR 2020 Advanced Phlebotomy.


When do I have to complete the background check and drug screen?

A national criminal background check, 10-panel drug screen, and data repository is required of all phlebotomy students at Pikes Peak State College. In order to participate in the Phlebotomy & Advanced Phlebotomy courses, you will be required to order a background check and drug screen through CastleBranch. You will be responsible for the fee at the time of order. This is a Colorado Community College System requirement; therefore, any previous background check completed for employment will not suffice.

This policy is implemented and monitored by the PPSC Human Resource Services Department. The screening is not to be completed by students prior to meeting with a program advisor.

The screen is completed in HPR 1020 Phlebotomy before the beginning of the semester and all policies and requirements are reviewed at that time.

Additional information can be found in the Phlebotomy Student Handbook, available under useful links and documents.


What are the clinical requirements? Do I need vaccinations?

Students are required to sign a waiver of rights, assumption of risk, and release of liability for HPR 1020 and HPR 2020 before they may start the laboratory part of these courses that involve the use of needles / lancets / sharp object for any type of demonstration or performance of bodily fluid specimen / simulation of body fluid acquisition.

Students will have clinical sign-up sheets during the semester when they are enrolled in HPR 1020 and / or HPR 2020 courses, to work off campus under the supervision of a laboratory or laboratory department. This is approved and monitored by the phlebotomy faculty.

Clinical sites require students to have a current CPR certification and proof of vaccinations and the completion of a criminal background check and drug screening.


What are the expectations of the department from students?

An education and career in phlebotomy can be quite demanding physically and mentally. View the Colorado Community College Essential Skills, which contains certain information concerning physical and academic rigor, which is expected of all phlebotomy students.


Will the program accept grades below a C?

No, all courses within the certificate program must be passed with a letter grade of C or better to be applicable to the program.


What do I need to do to graduate after successfully completing all of the degree program classes?

All students must submit an application to graduate to the college by a specified date for the semester of completion. This program is considered a Certificate of Achievement.


Who will answer my questions?

The Department Chair-Melissa Serna, or the members of the Health Science Division administrative staff will always be happy to answer your questions or to direct you to someone who can.


Do I really have to “do” the college email thing?

Yes. The College email is our official way of communicating with you. This is a privacy issue for you.

Your questions are important to us, and we will return emails as soon as we can.

Need additional assistance on selecting a career path that is right for you? Want more information on the various resources available to you? Check out Career Services and our Advising websites for additional information. Advising is important when it comes to student success!

Pikes Peak Community College want to help you learn and earn that degree or certificate.


Phlebotomy Program Advisors:

Melissa Serna is the coordinator and Chair of the Phlebotomy program. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail:

              Melissa Serna at Melissa.Serna@pikespeak.edu

You can also contact faculty:

              Kim Kirkland at Kim.Kirkland@pikespeak.edu


Medical Science Division office at 719-502-3700 to make an appointment.


Useful Links and Documents

Review the latest versions of the Phlebotomy student handbook to become familiar with program standards, policies, and requirements.