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Application Process

Application Process

Students interested in the Associate Degree or Certificate Program will need to complete all of the following steps to be considered for admission. Once the application is complete, an appointment should be made with a Pharmacy Technician Program Adviser.

If you are already enrolled at PPSC, you do not need to re-enroll or re-submit transcripts if already submitted.


Fill out Pikes Peak State College Admission Form in the Admissions office at one of the four campuses or online. If you are already a student, you do not need to repeat this step.

Apply to PPSC

Request copies of official transcripts (including high school and any colleges attended other than Pikes Peak State College) be sent to:

Pikes Peak State College
5675 S. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 502-3000

Verify that transcripts have been received by the Records office. If you have already submitted your transcripts to PPSC, you do not need to repeat this step.

If you are already enrolled at PPSC, you do not need to re-enroll or re-submit transcripts if already submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: You will still need to include UNOFFICIAL copies of your transcripts (including PPSC) with your application.

Complete an Application for Admission and schedule an appointment with a PHT Adviser.

Step 4 - Complete, with a C or better, the following prerequisite courses. ALL PREREQUISITES should be completed before applying. Applications with prerequisite coursework still in progress will not be considered.

  • CCR 092 College Composition and Reading OR
  • CCR 094 Studio 121 AND ENG 121 English Composition I
  • MAT 050 Quantitative Literacy OR
  • MAT 083 Math for Clinical Calc Literacy AND Mat 103 Math for Clinical Calculations ​​​​
  • CSC 105 Computer Literacy OR CIS 118 Introduction to PC Applications

Hand delivery recommended. The Pharmacy Technician Department is not responsible for misplaced application materials or failed delivery of application materials.

Review the latest version of the PHT Student Handbook to become familiar with program standards, policies, and requirements. This is available for purchase at the PPSC Bookstore or can be downloaded.

Download PHT Handbook

pharmacy technician
pharmacy tech

Background Check & Drug Screen Requirements

The Colorado Community College System (“CCCS”) and the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education authorize the pharmacy technician program to conduct a background investigation of all student applicants. The clinical sites used in the pharmacy technician program require background checks of all potential interns, in addition to drug screens. The purpose is to maintain a safe and productive educational and clinical environment. Additionally, this is a standard requirement for all employment in the pharmacy career field and will be essential to obtaining a job. New students who refuse to comply with the background investigation will not be allowed to enter the PPSC Pharmacy Technician Program

All Pharmacy Technician Program students will be expected to pass a drug test and criminal background check in order to receive full acceptance to the Pharmacy Technician Program at PPSC. Students are required to complete the first testing within their first week of enrollment into PHT 111 Introduction to Pharmacy. The cost is $63.00 and must be paid online at the time of purchase. The are NO EXCEPTIONS for missing the initial deadline for this screen to be accepted into the program. A second set of screening will be required during enrollment in PHT 116 Institutional Pharmacy, prior to enrolling for clinical internships. Both screens are required. This screening will count towards the Colorado state requirement when applying for a CO State PHT Certification.

All testing is at the student’s expense, including any repeat or additional necessary testing. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the results of their drug test with a member of the human resources staff. Students who fail testing will not be admitted to the Pharmacy Technician Program. All background check and drug testing information is kept confidential.


See PHT Student Handbook for full policy and additional information—available at the PPSC Bookstore.

For disqualifying offenses or background check issues, please contact PPSC Human Resources representative Patricia Padeway at (719) 502-2296.

CCCS Certified Background Check

Download PHT Handbook

An applicant will be disqualified from the pharmacy program based on the following guidelines:

  • Felony convictions for violent felonies, including but not limited to homicide or sexual offence. (no time limit)
  • Felony convictions for drug use, possession, or distribution in the seven (7) years immediately preceding enrollment in the program.
  • Other felony convictions with seven (7) years.
  • Violent misdemeanor convictions in the five (5) years immediately preceding enrollment in the program.
  • Nonviolent misdemeanor convictions in the five (5) years immediately preceding enrollment in the program.
  • The following crimes will result in automatic disqualification:
    • Any offense involving unlawful sexual behavior.
    • Any crime of child abuse, as defined in C.R.S. 18-6-401
    • Crimes of moral turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness/exposure, etc)
    • Any offense in another state, the elements of which are substantially similar to the elements of any of the above offenses.
  • Any offense involving unlawful sexual behavior.
  • Any crime of child abuse, as defined in C.R.S. 18-6-401
  • Crimes of moral turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness/exposure, etc)
  • Any offense in another state, the elements of which are substantially similar to the elements of any of the above offenses.

If the investigation reveals information that could be relevant to the application, the designated individual responsible for background checks may request additional information from the applicant. The offense shall be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Although possession and use of marijuana both recreationally and for certain medical conditions consistent with the requirements of the Colorado Constitution is no longer a crime in the State of Colorado, the possession and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Consistent with federal law, including the Controlled Substances Act and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, the use and/or possession of marijuana continue to be prohibited while a student is on campus, including any time the student is in a clinical experience or representing the College.

Effective March 2020, all pharmacy technicians will be required to be state certified to practice in the pharmacy. This applies to enrolled students while completing their clinical rotations as well. Students will be required to obtain a Provisional Certificate from the State Board of Pharmacy prior to being eligible for clinical placement. The fee for this is $57 and must be paid for at the time of application. Visit the SBOP website for a complete list of requirements for eligibility. Students who are determined ineligible for a state certificate will be ineligible for program completion and graduation.

State Board of Pharmacy




One degree option is an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS). This degree includes the PHT Certificate Program, and the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Certificate, in addition to general education courses. This option is great for students who want to earn an accredited degree in addition to their vocational training. This option may qualify students for more specialized positions in the pharmacy industry.

A second option is the PHT Certificate Program. This program is designed for students who are interested in getting educated and entering the career field in the shortest time possible. This Certificate Program meets all requirements for the State Board of Pharmacy for any state requiring ASHP Accredited training or board-approved education for technicians. This program is ASHP/ACPE Accredited as an Advanced Level Pharmacy Technician Education Program.

Third, our Advanced Pharmacy Practice Certificate is for students who do not desire a  degree but want additional advanced training in their field. The Advanced Practice Certificate is for students who successfully complete the foundational PHT Certificate Program and includes additional coursework in nontraditional/advanced pharmacy roles, medical terminology, excel spreadsheet processing, and advanced training and certification in sterile compounding.

Picking the option right for you is complicated and based on many factors. All students should see the a pharmacy technician program adviser when deciding upon degree tracks.

Students seeking entrance to the Pharmacy Technician Program sometimes underestimate the curriculum requirements. The practice of pharmacy is a profession that requires excellent interpersonal skills (to include reading and writing), efficient computer abilities, and a strong understanding of math. These skills are critical for safe pharmacy practice. Requiring all students either place out of the remedial courses or successfully complete them prior to entrance to the program ensures all students are on the academic level required for potential success in the coursework.

  • PHT students are required to successfully complete all PHT courses prior to being eligible for clinical internships. Internships are required for graduation, and are the last part of completing the certificate program. Students complete 160-hour rotations at 2 different sites- one community and one hospital. Students are not required to find their own internship site- all placement is made by the program coordinator.
  • Students are required to have had a background check and drug screen with the program within the 6 months prior to internship enrollment. Students are required to meet all requirements of the Academic Progression Policy in completing their PHT coursework, and register for the internships within 2 semesters of completing the PHT lab courses. All students are required to attend mandatory clinical seminar sessions, and provide all required proof of identification and immunization by designated deadlines provided by the program coordinator.
  • Students will be required to obtain a PHATP Certificate from the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy prior to being eligible for clinical placement. The fee for this is $57 and non-refundable. A full list of requirements and expectations cen be found on their website, but include:
  1. Successful completion of a criminal record check
  2. The ability to effectively read and write in the English language
  3. Documentation of any legal name changes
  4. Residency information and documentation
  5. National PHT Certification (PTCB) is required to transition a Provisional Certificate (PHATP) to a standard Certificate (PHAT) after 18 months
  • If you do not have current, accurate, and complete shot records you must update them prior to your clinical rotations. If you do not have insurance coverage for vaccines, the Health Department gives vaccines at reduced rates. The student's immunization record must include: Depending on the student’s specific clinical site, these requirements are subject to change to meet their individual requirements.
  1. TB test current within one year
  2. MMRx2 or positive titers
  3. Varicella or positive varicella titer
  4. Hepatitis vaccine is strongly recommended, but may not be required
  5. Flu Vaccine for the current flu season is required.

State Board of Pharmacy


Students seeking a Pharm. D, or looking for information on how to become a licensed pharmacist, need to know that the PHT Program courses do not apply towards that degree plan. Becoming a pharmacist requires an entirely separate set of courses, but the first 2 years can be completed here at PPSC. Students seeking this degree should check out the degree outline for Pre-Med Professions, and call 502-3336 to schedule an appointment with a Pre-Pharmacy/Pre-Med Adviser.

Learn More About Pre-Med

A national criminal background check and 10-panel drug screen is required of each and every Pharmacy Tech student at Pikes Peak State College. In order to participate in the PHT program, you will be required to order a background check and drug screen through CastleBranch. You will be responsible for the $63.00 fee at the time of order. This is a Colorado Community College System requirement; therefore, any previous background check completed for employment will not suffice. This policy is implemented and monitored by the PPSC Human Resource Services Department. The screening is not to be completed by students prior to meeting with a program advisor. The first screen is completed in PHT 111 Introduction to Pharmacy, and all policies and requirements are reviewed at that time. Additional information can be found in the PHT Student Handbook.

Order Background Check & Drug Screen

Download PHT Handbook

  • An education and career in pharmacy can be quite demanding physically and mentally. View our department's Technical Standards Policy (located in the PHT Student handbook, page 31), containing valuable information concerning physical and academic rigor, which is expected of all pharmacy students.
  • Hard work and dedication in the lab and classroom. Students are required to maintain a minimum of a 70% in all PHT coursework. In addition, many classes have objective check-off or validation requirements which must be met to successfully pass a course. Inability to pass a final or practicum may result in repeating a required course, and failure of more than one PHT course may lead to program dismissal. See the program's Academic Progression Policy and policies for program dismissal in the PHT Student Handbook.
  • A good computer with internet access or transportation and time to utilize the computer lab and learning commons/resources on campus. The PHT Program is comprised of both traditional face-to-face coursework and lab, and both hybrid and online classes. Reliable internet and computer resources are essential. Additionally, the program utilizes multiple learning platforms to best meet different learners' needs. Access to these online platforms will be required, in addition to mandatory program textbooks.

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