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Degree & Certificate Options

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Pharmacy Technician Degree and Certificates

Whether you choose the AAS Degree Program or Certificate Program, all courses are led by instructors with experience in the healthcare field. You’ll receive a quality education and personalized attention from faculty and staff who are dedicated to supporting your potential and preparing you for career opportunities as a professional pharmacy technician.

Upon provisional acceptance, the program director will notify the student of dates needed to obtain additional information:
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug Screen
  • Health statement / immunizations

About the Pharmacy Technician Degree & Certification

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is for those who wish to be dedicated, competent and caring professionals. The program at PPSC is designed to prepare graduates to take the PTCB exam and be eligible for state certification. Students will benefit from the education in the pharmacy technician program with excellent clinical facilities and staff, state of the art labs, and experienced and accessible faculty.

The Pikes Peak State College Pharmacy Technician Program strives to be the Southern Colorado leader in pharmacy technician education where comprehensive training and experience come together to generate productive and professional individuals for employment in the pharmacy field. We want our graduates to not only obtain gainful employment in the most competitive of positions, but to excel in their chosen profession. PPSC’s Pharmacy Technician Program has been accredited by ASHP, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, as an Advanced-Level Pharmacy Technician Education Program.

Coursework is rigorous, and includes an orientation to the profession of pharmacy, pharmacology and pathophysiology, pharmaceutical calculations, aseptic and extemporaneous compounding, in addition to hands on laboratory practice in multiple practice settings. Students complete 320 clinical internship hours prior to graduation. Students must provide their own transportation to their clinical sites. Some classes must be taken in a prescribed order to move forward within the curriculum.

Graduates from our program receive an Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician, or Certificate (depending on major). An Advanced Practice Certificate is also available and includes ACPE Accredited IV Certification.

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Sample Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

  • College-ready in math
  • College-ready in reading and writing
  • CSC 1005 (Computer Literacy) or CIS 1018 (Intro to PC Applications)
  • COM 1260 (Communication in Healthcare) - can be taken concurrently
  • HPR 1011 (CPR for Professionals) - can be taken concurrently

Pharmacy Technician Classes Offered Only in the Fall & Spring Semesters

First Semester

  • PHT 1011 Introduction to Pharmacy 3
  • PHT 1012 Pharmacy Law 2
  • PHT 1015 Pharmacology I 3
  • PHT 1016 Pharmacology II 3
  • PHT 1014 Computer Skills for Pharm. Techs 1
  • PHT 1035 Pharmaceutical Calculations & Compounding Techniques 4
  • COM 1260 Communication in Healthcare 3

Second Semester

  • PHT 1041 Community Pharmacy 3
  • PHT 1040 Institutional Pharmacy 3
  • PHT 1070 Clinical: Institutional Pharmacy 4
  • PHT 1071 Clinical: Community Pharmacy 4
  • HPR 1011 CPR for Professionals 0.5


Sample Curriculum

Those pursuing an AAS Degree

  • CIS 1055 Complete Spreadsheets 3
  • HPR 1039 Medical Terminology 2
  • HPR 1045 Medical Record Terminiology 2
  • ENG 1021 English Comp. I 3
  • MAT 1120 Clinical Calculations 3
  • PSY 1005 Psych. off Workplace Relationships 3
  • HWE 1050 Human Nutrition 3
  • CHE 1011 Intro. to Chemistry I or BIO 1111 Gen. College Biology I 5
  • Elective: Science or Healthcare course 4 (Meet with program coordinator for approval)


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What Graduates Are Saying

“A wonderful program for a rewarding career! A challenging curriculum and knowledgeable instructors made my learning experience well worth it. If you are dedicated and willing to put in the time to study you will be overly prepared to start working as a pharmacy technician and will surely stand out to your new employer. Nicole will take the time to get to know you and ensure you are able to graduate. I highly recommend this program!” Sam K.

“Great program! Comprehensive and challenging yet fun. The hands on experience really helped when I did my clinical rotations and prepared me well. I was hired right out of my externship to a full time inpatient pharmacy position. I loved my instructors and their ability to encourage and motivate through even the most challenging and serious aspects of the curriculum. They clearly have a passion for pharmacy and teach with the purpose of sparking the same in others.” Heather O.

“This is a fantastic program for anyone wanting to become a pharmacy technician. It thoroughly prepares you to meet or exceed the requirements of both retail and hospital pharmacy. It's fun and realistic setting keeps you engaged and wanting more. The professors are knowledgeable, fun, and serious about the education you can expect to receive from this program. If you are serious about becoming a pharmacy technician, THIS is the program for you. You really do get out of it whatever you put into it. It is demanding, but everything you are taught applies. I am a proud graduate of this program and am very grateful to have had the professors and training I received. I have been a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPT) for four years and doubt that I could have gotten a better education anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and check out this program.” Grace L.