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Frequently Asked Questions


Application, Semester, Course, and Student Resources Questions

Yes! Please contact Janae Knipp at 719-502-2453 (Room A-110) to make an appointment.

A credit hour is equal to one hour of classroom instruction. For example, a grammar course, which is five credits, meets for five hours a week for fifteen weeks, or one semester. Each course has a different number of credit hours, so be sure to check the number when you plan your class schedule. To be considered a full-time student at PPSC, you must be enrolled in a minimum 12 credit hours a semester.

The fall and spring semesters are 15 weeks long. The summer semester is shorter and is 10 weeks long.

We offer basic and intermediate level classes during the summer semester. Advanced level classes are not offered in the summer. The summer semester is a ten week semester, and all classes meet in the daytime, Tuesday through Thursday.

Books can be obtained in the PPSC Bookstore in the C Building, Room C-102. Grammar students should be sure to purchase new textbooks, so they have access to the on-line workbook. Here is our current book list.

Tutoring sessions with ESL instructors are available through the Tutoring Center in Room A300 and are free to current students. Call 719-502-3444 for more details on the current schedule.

Many of our students continue at PPSC! When you complete your ESL courses, you then take a general placement exam for the college, and you can take any number of classes at PPSC that you want.

Yes, you can, and it's free for current PPSC students! Please see our bus information page to learn more.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs offers an ESL education program.

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Payment, Refund, and Financial Aid Questions

Yes, most of our students get financial aid. Citizens, resident aliens, and refugees may be eligible. It is recommended that you apply for financial aid at least four weeks before the beginning of the coming semester. If you need assistance with filling out your Financial Aid application (FAFSA), please contact Enrollment Services at 719-502-2000. If you are not eligible to receive Financial Aid, you are invited to apply for The Open Scholarship.

The cost of each class depends on the number of credit hours and whether you are a Colorado resident or a non-resident. Grammar classes are five credits each; pronunciation classes are three credits each; all other ESL classes are four credits each. Many of our students get financial aid to help pay for classes. Please see our estimated tuition information.

PPSC offers many different payment options.

Yes, you may receive a full refund of your tuition if you drop your classes by the drop date. The drop date is usually in the second week of classes and is listed in the current class schedule. After that time, you will not receive a refund.

Residency, International Students, undocumented students, DACA students, ASSET students, and Global Village Questions

Resident students are students with resident alien cards, or U.S. citizens, who can prove that they have lived in Colorado for at least one year. (Colorado Driver's License or Colorado State I.D. card are usually used as proof of Colorado residence.) If you are active military or an active military spouse, you can apply to receive resident rates. See our Enrollment Services office (A-110) for more information. Non-resident students are students with tourist, visitor, and other visas or other students who have not lived in Colorado for at least one year.

Please see PPSC's undocumented students page. These students may qualify for Colorado State Financial Aid.

PPSC is not accepting F-1 or M-1 international student applications until further notice. Please see the International Students page for more information.

Check out the Global Village.