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Launch your healthcare career forward at Pikes Peak!

Care Forward Colorado program provides free tuition, fees, books, materials, and necessary vaccinations for students pursuing a career in qualifying healthcare certificate programs. Any other financial aid could be used on top of that for living expenses, technology needs, or other related costs.

Why a career in healthcare?

Entry-level healthcare jobs are in extremely high demand. In one year or less, you can get trained for jobs with a wage that supports you and your family. And, there’s room for growth. Once you earn your certificate, you can continue your education at Pikes Peak and qualify for even higher-paying jobs.

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How does it work?

Starting in Fall 2022 and ending December 2024, students who enroll in eligible healthcare certificate programs have tuition, fees, and materials covered after COF has been applied, as funding remains available.

Funding is based on required coursework as outlined by the Division, remedial courses will not be covered under this program. 

Colorado Residents must apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF)

About Care Forward Colorado
Care Forward Colorado is a state program funded through federal recovery dollars. It aims to help meet demand for entry-level healthcare positions, which are among the fastest growing in the state. It is made possible by Senate Bill 22-226 which dedicates $26 million in state recovery dollars to train healthcare workers across Colorado.

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Yes, but only for costs the high school program does not cover. 



The program pays for tuition, fees, and materials such as books, vaccines, and other related items after COF has been applied (Colorado Resident's only). Both in-person and online classes can be funded.

Colorado residents must apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF).

Students that have been admitted to PPSC, have declared their program of study in one of the Medical Sciences areas, and have enrolled in classes will be automatically identified and awarded funds. There is no specific application that needs to be completed. However, it is encouraged for students to complete a FAFSA or a CASFA.

SB 22-226 recommends students to complete either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Colorado Application for Student Financial Aid (CASFA) .  The FAFSA is the regular application for financial aid that millions of students complete each year. The CASFA is for undocumented students living in Colorado that qualify as an ASSET student for state financial aid after completing high school.

Yes, our guidance is that students receiving COSI funds can receive both Care Forward Colorado funds in addition to Back to Work and Finish What you Started, as they are from two different funding sources. 

Yes, as long as the pre-requisite classes are required for your program of study. Please note that remedial courses will not be covered under this program. 

The Care Forward Colorado initiative ends in December of 2024.

Student's that have been admitted to PPSC, have declared their program of study in one of the Medical Sciences Certificates, and have enrolled in classes will be automatically identified and awarded funds.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if a bookstore voucher can be issued.

You must be enrolled in a qualified certificate program. This program is designed to provide funding for short-term health care programs that get students into the workforce as quickly as possible. Only students who have declared a Medical Sciences certificate as their program of study (i.e., primary curriculum) are eligible.

Contact an Academic Advisor Advising | Pikes Peak State College

Students in the degree programs such as AGS pre-nursing would not qualify. The intent of this program is for students to declare a certificate program, get the certificate, and then get out to the workforce quickly.


Students needing assistance in applying to PPSC can contact the Admissions team via email at to begin the application and enrollment process.

Students wishing to change their major must complete the Change of Major form by the main census date of the semester.





No, only required classes can be covered.