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Military & Veteran Education Benefits

Whether you are an active duty service member, a veteran, or a spouse or dependent of a service member, there may be education benefits available to you.

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Important Benefit Announcements

Placement testing is required for developmental courses: Are you considering using your VA education benefits or Tuition Assistance to pay for a developmental course? Developmental courses are considered college prep courses, and typically start with a 0 in the course number, like ENG 0094 or MAT 0200. 

PPSC has confirmed with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense that a placement test is required to justify taking a developmental course. No other form of justification is acceptable. VA and TA will not pay for these courses without a test score on file. 

What does this mean for you? You must take the EdReady or Accuplacer test to determine if you need to take a developmental course for math or English. An EdReady score below 90 can be used to justify your enrollment in a developmental course. 

Visit the PPSC Testing Center webpage to learn more about taking EdReady or Accuplacer tests. Don't forget to forward your scores to the testing center after you complete the test! 

PPSC Testing Center

Policy Protecting Students from Fees and Penalties Due to VA Payment Delay: Schools are not allowed to penalize or prohibit students using Chapter 33 benefits from attending or participating in courses while awaiting VA payment (for up to 90 days).  See the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 for more information.


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If this is your first time using VA Education benefits at Pikes Peak State, you must attend our mandatory VA Education Benefits Briefing.

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VA Education benefits users must submit a certification request form (CRF) before using your benefits. Learn how to submit a CRF on your myPikesPeak Portal.

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Using VA benefits? View our checklist to make sure you receive payment on time, from applying for the benefits to registering for classes and beyond.

VA Benefits Checklist
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In addition to benefits, you may be eligible for scholarships. View and apply for scholarships that will make your benefits go further!

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