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Request Certification

Submit your Certification Request Form

To ensure your VA benefits are processed smoothly, it's essential to complete a Certification Request Form (CRF) each semester you plan to use your benefits.

Failure to do so may result in your benefits not being certified to the VA. Stay on track by submitting your CRF on time every semester.

How to submit your CRF:

Use your Student number and password to log in to the MyPikesPeak Portal.

Navigate to the "Military & Veterans" tab in the top menu bar. 

Navigate to the section labeled "Certification Request." Only terms with open registration are available to submit. 

If you are requesting certification for a previous semester or the semester is no longer available on the form, please email your request to mvp@pikespeak.edu from your student email account. 

Select the Term and the Education Benefit you are using. Review the Acknowledgment area and check the box to confirm you understand how your benefits work. Select Submit. 

After submitting your request, it will be listed under the Submitted Certification Request area and the Status will show where the request is in the process.

   Status Key

  • Pending = Certification Request Form submitted to MVP
  • Rejected = Student requested incorrect VA benefit/chapter
  • Closed = Request no longer needed 
  • Enrollment Under Review = Request has been passed to School Certifying Official 
  • Submitted = Initial certification sent to VA
  • Student Action Required = See comments from School Certifying Official
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Not sure where to start?

We are here to help! If you have not found what you are looking for, contact MVP or return to our homepage