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Department Logos

Need a logo for your department, program or division?

PPSC has a distinct brand identity and our logo is one of the primary ways to identify our brand. PPSC departments, divisions, and programs receive a standardized configuration using the exact same elements as the college itself. By doing so we create a consistent family of logos that all relate back to our overarching brand identity.

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Logo Usage Guide

Unsure which logo format to use for your project? Download the guide. 

marketing logo files

Your ZIP File Will Contain

  • Horizontal logo execution in full color and in white
  • EPS, PNG, and JPG files
About the File Formats


An EPS file is a vector file that can be resized from very small to very large without losing image quality. Unless you have the Adobe Suite, you cannot open this file.

Areas of Use

  • Embed in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • Send to an outside vendor when getting products such as posters, table cloths, tee shirts, and other swag produced

A JPG is a compressed image, and if it is scaled above the provided size, it will lose image quality and appear pixelated. This file format is high resolution for use in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. A JPG automatically puts a white box behind the image. Therefore, the only JPG format available is full color. If you put this full color version over a colored background, you will have a white box behind it.Areas of Use

  • Printed Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents
  • Documents with a white background


  • Do not send to vendors to get products such as posters and swag produced•Do not use on the website
  • Documents with a colored background

A PNG has a transparent background is a small file size to use on web projects and social media.

Areas of Use

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Video


  • Any printed materials