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Employment Verifications


The Work Number manages employment verifications for past and present employees of Pikes Peak State College. Any party wishing to verify employment and income for employees or former employees may contact The Work Number at 800-367-5690 or via their website at www.theworknumber.com.


Pikes Peak State College's employer code is 19242.


The Work Number® is a fast and secure way to provide proof of your employment or income—a necessary step in many of today's life events involving credit, financing, or securing of benefits or services. The Work Number simplifies the verification process and accelerates credit decisions through an online system available to verifiers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please direct entities in need of proof of your employment or income to www.theworknumber.com or call 800-367-5690 for assistance. For more information on the service and how to use it, please visit www.theworknumber.com/employees/.

Employees can create salary keys as needed and can access one (1) free Employment Data Report (EDR) each year through www.theworknumber.com. A Salary Key is a unique single-use, six-digit code that an employee can provide to a verifier as consent to access the individual’s income information. The EDR provides complete historical employment and income information, as well as a listing of verifier requests for the past two years.

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