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Undergraduate Research

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About Undergraduate Research


Create opportunities for students to grow academically through inquiry and research, alongside faculty. Students will also increase their professional skills by writing and speaking about their research.


Research Matters

To form meaningful academic and real-world experiences for our students, Pikes Peak State College offers a program of undergraduate research. 

Undergraduate Research at Pikes Peak State College seeks to foster an environment where community partners, the administration, staff, faculty and most importantly students can create a rich, high-impact academic experience that aids with the following:

  • Increasing knowledge of academic resources utilized by the larger academic community
  • Learning research methods
  • Understanding what constitutes standards of research in a given field
  • Increasing ability to both identify and utilize research methodology
  • Creating networks of collaborators - including faculty mentors, fellow peer-researchers, and community partnerships
  • Communicating research orally and through presentation to a diverse audience
  • Working with faculty to publish research findings


"Having someone tell you that your ideas, research, and presentations are valuable enough to heard by actual academics is one of the most inspiring things to ever happen to me. That is the value of having community college students at events like these and having undergraduates present their own research... CSURF made me feel like a valuable member of the academic community."

-- Joshua Van Sanford, PPSC Student Scholar

Introduction to the Research Process

The Starting Line

Having a process is critical for your research journey. No process is perfect; a process may demand that you move fluidly between steps. For example, after reading background information on your topic, the scope of your research question may change. That's perfectly fine. This resource will help you develop awareness about the different steps of research. 

  1. Scholarly Mindset
  2. Identify and Develop Topic
  3. Find Background Information
  4. Ask Questions and Develop Hypotheses
  5. Use Databases
  6. Evaluate Information
  7. Cite Relevant Source Material
  8. Share Your Research


Begin your voyage through the 8-step undergraduate research process!

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