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Diversity Global Learning

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What is Diversity and Global Learning?

Diversity/Global Learning cultivates self-awareness and understanding of your impact - locally, nationally, and globally. Students learn to:

  • Understand diverse cultures
  • Develop intercultural skills
  • Understand global processes
  • Prepare for citizenship, both locally and globally

Empower yourself to participate effectively in a society that encompasses diverse experiences, perspectives, and realities. Learn about inclusivity and develop cultural responsiveness across social differences in contexts ranging from the other side of the planet to your own backyard.



Global Village

Join the Global Village Roundtables!
Make Connections, Share Experiences, Value Culture

All students are welcome to participate in student-led discussions on global, local, cultural and student issues. While the  topic and theme varies, each week we seek to:

  • Explore the concept of global community
  • Discuss current global and cultural topics
  • Build a student network of shared values and understanding at PPSC
  • Gain understanding, tolerance, and appreciation

Centennial: The Grove / Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 

Rampart: Atrium / Tuesdays 11:30-12:30

Global Village Rampart

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Faculty Mentor
Associate Professor Amy Cornish
(719) 502-3114

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Colorado Springs World Affairs Council
Colorado Springs World Affairs Council is a non-profit organization that promotes understanding of world affairs by sponsoring educational programs for people of all ages, fosters discussion of international issues, and provides a venue for people to meet others with similar interests from around the corner and around the world.
For more information:
Wayne Artis - https://csworldaffairs.org/contact-us

Jump-Start Your Job Search

Jump-Start Your Job Search
A global perspective can give you a leg-up during the job search process

(Source: Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success)