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Simulation Center

The Basic Assumption™

We believe that everyone participating in activities at Pikes Peak State College Nursing Simulation Center is intelligent, capable, cares about doing their best, and wants to improve. ©

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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Simulation Center at the Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES)


Mission of the Interdiciplinary Simulation Center

Provide learners with a safe, interactive simulated clinical environment that supports a culture of interprofessional collaboration, quality patient care, and healthcare excellence.  

Vision of the Interdisciplinary Simulation Center

Provide student-centered simulated clinical experiences that will improve patient outcomes and the healthcare workforce in the community.

Nursing, EMS, Fire Science Technology, Criminal Justice Interprofessional Education Experience



The simulation experience

Our simulation rooms contain state-of-the-art technologies to simulate the experience of the field. The simulation center is also staffed by highly trained staff and standardized patients to help enrich and enhance the learning experience.
To ensure well-rounded, integrated healthcare education, the students experience simulation-based learning in conjunction with their didactic, lab, and clinical learning. 
The Interdisciplinary Simulation Center has adopted the Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics Values are Integrity, Transparency, Mutual Respect, Professionalism, Accountability, and Results Orientation. The Interdisciplinary Simulation Center works toward safe and ethical practices for all students and faculty. https://www.ssih.org/SSH-Resources/Code-of-Ethics
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