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Career Options

Geology Careers

The demand for geologist majors vary among environmental, fuel and resource sectors. Presently career opportunities are good for geology graduates.

Earnings Outlook

The median annual wage for geoscientists was $89,910 in May 2014. The growth rate in the industry is 10% which is faster than average.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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What Can I do with a Degree in Geology?

According to Geoscience News and Information, geologists are in high demand. Particularly in geographical commodities and fuel. Geographically, the state of Colorado is one of the highest paying jobs in the United States.

Who Hires Geology Majors?

  • Energy Consulting Agencies
  • Oil and Petroleum Companies
  • Natural Resources Conglomerates
  • Environmental Firms
  • Mining Companies
  • Federal and Military Organizations
  • Engineering Firms
  • Hydrocarbon Testing Services
  • Colleges and Universities
  • ...and more!

Plan to get more than an associates degree if you choose to work in the field of geology. Though the analytical thinking and foundation in science, math, chemistry and physics will server anyone with this education, you won’t likely find yourself in a field of geology unless you have a bachelors degree.