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EMS Clinical Information Page

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Students enrolled in one of the below EMS programs will need to complete their clinical rotations to satisfy program requirements. Individuals must comply with Community Partner requirements prior to placement. Although information changes fluidly, this provides the most up to date guidance for students to follow.  

Current Semester Student Letter

Course  Clinicals Rotation(s) Hours Units Ride Along Hours
EMT 1 8 ED 1 12
IV 1 8 ED    
AEMT 5 12/8 ED/L&D 4 12
PM 21 Varies ED, OR, ICU, Cath Lab, Psych, Peds, L&D    

Community Partners

University of Colorado Health Memorial Hospital Central (MHC)

University of Colorado Health Memorial Hospital North (MHN)

American Medical Response (AMR)
Address: 980 Elkton Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

More Information

To begin the process, please click the below link.  Students may transfer current PPSC trackers by contacting Castle Branch Customer Support. Cost breakout is as follows:
Tracker, Background Check, Drug Screen: $90.50
Tracker Only: $27.50, Transfer Tracker: Free



New Package Code


New Package Code

(MDM Only)

Pikes Peak State College - EMS - EMT PJ87 PJ87im
Pikes Peak State College - EMS - Paramedic KK29 KK29im
Pikes Peak State College - EMS - AEMT/IV KK30 KK30im

Requirement Frequency


Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) 2 Doses or Titer  
Varicella 2 Doses or Titer  
Hepatitis B 2 or 3 Doses or Titer  
Tdap 1 Dose every 10 years  
Tuberculosis Annually PPD Skin Test or QuantiFERON Gold
Influenza  Annually (administered between Aug-Nov of current flu season) Not applicable for Summer courses
COVID 19 1 or 2 Doses COVID card needs to indicate Bivalent or Updated version
COVID Booster Not Mandatory Must answer CB question
BLS Certification Every 2 years See authorized organizations
Driver's License Upon expiration  
COEMT Upon expiration AEMT/IV/Paramedic
NREMT Upon expiration AEMT/IV/Paramedic


Students who are having difficulties with acquiring the appropriate immunizations for clinical clearance can contact the below organization. The El Paso County Health Organization works independently from PPSC and might be able to assist students.  Please reach out to them directly as they work with the community regarding public health inquiries to include immunizations. 

El Paso County Health Organization
Phone: 719-578-3199, Option 5 Immunizations

In conjunction with your hospital clinical rotation, students must complete an ambulance ride along(s). Orientation packages must be completed and provided to your instructor prior to being scheduled. To schedule, please provide the below information to the Clinical Coordinator.

Dates Available  
Times Unavailable 12 hr shifts (typically 0630, 1400, 1830, but times can vary)
Contact Number  

The "CPR for Professionals" course offered by PPSC is acceptable for the EMT program. Additionally, the below organizations are authorized certifications for Colorado. Just ensure you are taking a BLS Provider Course.

Acceptable organizations. American Heart Association Health Care Provider, American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer, American Safety and Health Institute CPR Pro, EMP America/Medic First Aid Basic Life Support For Professionals, HeartSmart, Inc. CPR for Medical Professionals, National Safety Council Professional Rescuer CPR Course, and Department of Defense.

Please read the UCH Orientation information provided by their team prior to your rotation. This document outlines critical information to ensure you have a successful clinical experience. 

PCR documents will be provided to you by your course instructor. Please ensure you have these on you prior to reporting to your clinical.

UCH Orientation Document

UCH experiences limitations on parking availability. Their top priority to ensure patients and visitors have adequate parking while at their facilities. With that in mind, we have been provided their parking policy for Memorial Central and North. Please thoroughly read the attached document to ensure you are in compliance with their directives.

PPSC EMS Student IDs are issued through Student Life at Rampart Range and Centennial Campuses. 

The UCH Medical Badge is issued by the clinical coordinator 1 to 2 days prior to your clinical rotation. Once you have received your clinical rotation information, contact your clinical coordinator to get scheduled for a medical badge appointment. 

Students who do not have an appointment will not receive a clinical badge and could risk missing their clinical rotation. Staff is not at the CHES campus on weekends. The only exception is Paramedic students who will be issued their badges directly by their instructor or EMS Director.

Pickup Location:

CHES Building
1850 Cypress Semi Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921