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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Degree Type: Associate of Applied Science Degree, AAS, Certificate, CER, Industry Certification

Pathway: Public Service & Social Sciences

More Options: Classroom Based, Remote Real-Time, Hyflex, Online, Hybrid

Program Length: 4 semesters

Location: Centennial, Rampart Range

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Why Choose Early Childhood Education at PPSC? FREE CLASSES!!!!

Starting your career in Early Childhood Education has never been easier, thanks to a grant that covers your first two required classes. (Ask an advisor for more details.)

PPSC's program will give you the tools you need to become a preschool teacher or childcare worker. If you go on to earn more advanced degrees, you could pursue such jobs as childcare center director or special education teacher. If you become a practicum student, you might work directly at one of PPSC's Child Education Centers, and you may learn as much from the children as you do from your instructors.

 All ECE students are required to complete a PPSC background check. Non-PPSC administered background checks will not be accepted.

Early Childhood Classes You Might Take

As a PPSC Early Childhood Education student, you will learn about a wide array of topics from childhood development to teaching techniques.

class 1

Explores guidance theories, applications, goals, techniques, and factors that influence expectations, classroom management issues, and prosocial skills. Addresses ages birth through age 8.

class 2

Provides an overview of early childhood curriculum development. Includes processes for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate environments, materials and experiences, and quality in early childhood programs.

class 3

Presents an overview of critical elements related to educating young children with disabilities in the early childhood setting. Topics include the following: typical and atypical development, legal requirements, research based practices related to inclusion, teaming and collaboration, and accommodations and adaptations, Student will learn how a disability will impact a young child's learning process. Focus of the course is on birth through age 8.

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Voices of PPSC

Alana Lipscomb

Voices of PPSC

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Alana Lipscomb
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Learning Outcomes

As a PPSC Early Childhood Education student, you will learn about a wide array of topics from childhood development to teaching techniques. As part of your studies, you will:

  • Guidance strategies for young children
  • Assessing young children's development
  • Explore methods of fostering creativity
  • Learn techniques to promote healthy development
  • Developing strategies for teaching children of various ages
woman two

  • CIS 1018 - Introduction to PC Applications 3 Credit Hour(s) or CSC 1005 - Computer Literacy 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • COM 1150 - Public Speaking 3 Credit Hour(s) or COM 1250 - Interpersonal Communication SS3 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • PSY 1001 - General Psychology I SS3 3 Credit Hour(s) or PSY 2332 - Psychology of Adjustment 3 Credit Hour(s) or SOC 1001 - Introduction to Sociology I SS3 3 Credit Hour(s) or SOC 2005 - Sociology of Family Dynamics SS3 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • MAT 1160 - Financial Mathematics 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • ENG 1021 - English Composition I CO1 3 Credit Hour(s)


Early Childhood Education Faculty Contact

Deborah Palarino
(719) 502-3300
Centennial Campus F300


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