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Television students at Pikes Peak State College have the unique opportunity to take control of  the college television channel, PPCC-TV.  Being entirely student driven and student produced, PPCC-TV is a direct reflection of the production skills and knowledge being taught to PPSC Radio and Television students.

The channel features content highlighting Pikes Peak State College programs and resources, along with area non-profits and events. From shows at the PPSC Downtown Studio Art Gallery, to mini-documentaries about local flavor and history, to a regularly produced student chat show about the Pikes peak region, PPCC-TV is your source for PPSC Radio and Television student created content!

Contact Info.
Call us locally at (719) 502-3131 (offices).
Calls from promoters are taken at (719) 502-3128.

Pikes Peak State College
5675 South Academy Boulevard, Box 49
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906