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Content Is King

So the saying goes. The Broadcasting and Electronic Media program will help you to create your own catalog of compelling content to distribute across the digital landscape. From live broadcasting and streaming to podcasting and audio production, to creating your own engaging videos. You'll leave the BEM program with a diverse portfolio to build on in your career!
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Associate of Applied Science Degree | Radio and Television

Interested in pursuing a 2-year degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media? Review your possible class schedule below. Your personalized schedule will be best determined by meeting with a faculty advisor.
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Courses & Credit Hours

Math & English requirements

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Radio & Television Certificates

Students who elect to complete a certificate program learn specialized broadcast skills in a shorter period of time. Course work completed in the certificate program may be applied to one of the options in the Associate of Applied Science degree program.

Advanced Radio Production Certificate

Advanced Television and Video Production Certificate

Basic Radio Production Certificate

Basic Television Production Certificate