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Spring 2024 registration opens October 30

Spring classes will fill quickly! Make sure you have a plan for Spring classes so you can register early and enroll in the classes you need to reach your goals. Need guidance? Our academic advising office is here to help!

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Your Life Elevated

Pikes Peak Community College is now Pikes Peak State College. The new name reflects an expansion into four-year degrees as well as levels of support and adaptability you might not expect to find at a community college. What hasn't changed are our open admission policy, our through-the-roof quality of education, and our outrageous affordability.

In fact, when you factor in financial aid and scholarships, many of our students attend at no cost. If you're looking for careers in healthcare, many of our certificate programs, currently are entirely covered by state grants. Talk about a healthy start to a new career.

Pikes Peak State College Fire Science Students practice putting out a fire during a training exercise.
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Ready for a career change?

Take the first step with Pikes Peak State College and Career Advance Colorado! Thanks to this state program, you can get free training in rewarding fields that move Colorado forward. We have options available in Early Childhood Education, Fire Science, Law Enforcement, and Building & Construction.

By the numbers

Our numbers don't lie. We are the largest institution by enrollment in Colorado Springs, with over 100 options to choose from, and at a price that will make your bank account smile.


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How much does it cost to go to Pikes Peak?

This bar chart shows that Pikes Peak State College has the lowest tuition compared to other universities. The top PPSC is the shortest bar and ends at $5,068. The next bar is CSU Pueblo, ending at $10,912. The next bar is UCCS, ending at $11,028. The next bar is CSU Fort Collins, ending at $12,874. The last bar is CU Boulder, ending at $13,106

At Pikes Peak, you get a quality education for a fraction of the cost— saving an average of $10,000 if you are planning to transfer to another college or university. The graph shows a comparison of in-state tuition for two semesters at 15 credits per semester.

These figures are based on tuition and fees as of July 2022 (30 credits at resident rates, with COF) and can vary depending on program of study.



Achieve your goals

PPSC offers general education degrees as well as technical degrees and certificates. 

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Learn the skills you need to advance your career or get job-ready for that new opportunity.

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PPSC's High School Programs can get you on an early start toward your college degrees or certificates.

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PPSC's Military and Veteran's Programs experts can help you make the most of your military benefits.

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Ashley Owen
Pikes Peak Graduate

Explore our pathways

Don’t freak out. You don’t need to decide everything about your future in the next five seconds. But you may find that choosing a general academic pathway will help you find your way. Check out your options, and if you’re confused or don’t find anything you like, meet with an advisor.

Explore our Pathways

Use your head and your hands to build and repair things our ever-changing world will always need. Whether it's designing fabrication materials, building robots, or repairing engines and HVAC systems, Pikes Peak's Applied Technology Pathway programs provide you with the technical skills to keep the world running.

Explore Applied Technology

Pikes Peak's Arts and Humanities Pathway leads to cultural enrichment and careers that marry your developing skills with your most heartfelt passions. Whether the Pathway leads you to a stage, a lecture hall teaching about art history, or an alley where a massive mural takes shape, it will certainly take you on a journey to self-discovery.

Explore Arts & Humanities

This Pathway leads to exciting places at the center of commerce. Pikes Peak State College's Business, Design and Hospitality programs can take you to board rooms, to food trucks, to innovative startups, to offices at the top of skyscrapers. Many of Pikes Peak State College's work in the industries they teach and are always on top of the best business practices.

Explore Business, Design & Hospitality

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's how essential healthcare workers are. A certificate or degree from Pikes Peak State College will provide you with a solid skill-set to become a valued part of a medical services team anywhere in the country.

Explore Medical Sciences

Society needs people to make a difference, to be heroic, and to improve the lives of others. These are the students who pursue the Public Service & Social Science Pathway. If your calling is to help people, Pikes Peak State College can give you the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

Explore Public Service & Social Sciences

Discover the world in all its complexities. Pikes Peak State College's STEM Pathway provides a place for you to explore in detail how things work, what the world is made of and how to keep it safe and efficient in the age of technology.

Explore Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Voices of PPSC

Alana Lipscomb

Voices of PPSC

Why would you want to pay double the cost for classes at a university that you can get at a community college for less?

Alana Lipscomb
PPSC Graduate

Featured Programs

Vet Tech icon

Veterinary medicine is a dream job for animal lovers. The Veterinary Technology program prepares you to be job-ready for work in a variety of medical practices, research, conservation, wildlife rehab, and livestock health. PPSC currently offers a Veterinary Assistant Certification.

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Surgical Technology icon

The Surgical Technologist is an integral member of a surgical team to deliver care before, during, and after surgery. Before an operation, surgical technologists help prepare the operating room. During the surgery, technologists pass instruments and sterile supplies to the surgeons and assistants.

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Even as the hospitality industry faces challenging times, it continues to be a popular field, drawing many service-oriented men and women. A degree from Pikes Peak puts you ahead of the pack. This new college program will develop your leadership and make you a job candidate that hotels, restaurants, event planners and others will want to hire.

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cybersecurity icon

With Cybersecurity degrees or certificates at PPSC, you can move directly into high-demand career fields that offers job security, generous salaries and growth opportunities. Our certified programs will train you in hacking defenses and countermeasures, network-security fundamentals, security architecture and more.

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A New State of College

The new Pikes Peak State College name change and brand  officially launched on August 29, the first day of the fall semester. You can find some of the new branded merchandise in the book stores. 

Note: As we make this transition over the next year, you may see the college referred to as either Pikes Peak State or Pikes Peak State College.

Have questions about the rebrand? Visit the FAQ page.

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News and Press Releases


Stall Street Journal: August 21 - September 3

Student Support Services We’re here to remove the barriers that make it harder for you to succeed.

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Stall Street Journal: July 5 - 30

Classes are open to all PPSC students. These convenient classes take place one day a week in the evening for your convenience with no course or student fees like on-campus classes.

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Stall Street Journal: May 30 - June 30

Classes are open to all PPSC students. These convenient classes take place one day a week in the evening for your convenience with no course or student fees like on-campus classes.

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